Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Bodyrock Host

Thanks to one of my readers (Rachael) one of the new BR hosts is a fitness competitor:
Edith Syjuco,
She is one on the over of the BR magazine and their Summer Transformation Schedule.
Someone did ask Freddy about Lisa, and her responded that she is still a partner and still a lead host. Hmmm......
I am not sure, but this looks a lot like the woman who did the dance workout that BR hosted once during one of their challenges: (UPDATE, her name is Brooke, and the dance workout was day 25 during Catching Fire, not sure if this is her or not, but looks like her).

I do not know who the woman is in the HIIT bar ads, but I wonder if she will be another host (or is she the same girl as above???)
Rita confirmed on her FB page that she will be part of the next challenge. I am not sure about Melissa.
Melissa is now working for Althean-X as well, and she posts mostly about them these days, not about BR even though she is supposedly an official host for BR. I don't get it.

Also, the woman in the Equalizer ads looks a lot like another woman who hosted a few times with Sean. I forget her name and would have to go digging back into their workouts to find her, which I can do later, but now off to a cookout! :) (Update - I searched and could not find the workouts - but I distinctly remember her because she was awful at push ups and didn't keep up well with Sean, whereas Lisa can kick his butt!)

If Lisa is leaving perhaps Zuzka should hire her as another host! LOL. We will have to wait and see what the challenge brings us I suppose!
Lisa and Zuzka would make an awesome team - just saying. :)
I'm now off to look at more workouts by I still think most (not all) of her workouts are - longer, more complete, more strength based and harder.
Lisa posted a workout the other day - a written one that looked super tough:

 Warm Up Strength Routine: Complete 4 Sets of the below

15 x Body Weight Squats
15 x Exercise Ball Roll Outs
15 x Shoulder Press - Using The Sandbag
15 x Back Extensions Over the Ball

Followed by the following - 40sec work / 10secs rest

Skipping / High Knees,
Weighted Prisoner Squat Jumps,
Switch Jumps,
1/2 Burpee Jumps,

Bicep Curl Left Only
Bicep Curl Right Only
Alternate Heavy Bicep Curls - L&R Alternate
Tricep Dip Left - Over head with weight
Tricep Dip Right - Over head with weight
Tricep Dips Both L&R - using the equalizer or weights
Upright Row,
Standing Flys Left Arm
Standing Flys Right Arm
Standing Flys Both Arms - L&R Alternate
Chest Press - Left Arm
Chest Press Right Arm
Chest Press - L&R Alternate arms
Laying Flys L&R Alternate
1 leg Press Ups L&R Alternate,
Front Raise Left,
Front Raise Right,
Front Raise L&R Alternate.
Shoulder Press Left Arms Only
Shoulder Press Right Arms Only
Shoulder Press L&R Alternate
One Leg Deadlift Left,
One Leg Deadlift Right,
Straight Deadlift.
Bent-over row Left Arm
Bent-over row Right Arm
Bent-over row - Using the sandbag
Sandbag Swings,
Pull Ups (use ur equalizer)
Round the world

Weighted Box Step Up left leg
Weighted Box Step Up right leg
Lunge & Press - Alternate L&R
Switch Lunges,
Squat Jumps,
Ski Abs / Mat Jumps / Box Jumps,

Mountain climbers,
Reverse curl,
Straight abs,
Oblique / russian twists
Bike Abs,
Spider Press Ups
Tucks abs - weight in feet
Side oblique left
Side oblique right
Touch Toes L&R Alternate,
High Plank - Punch Front
Low Plank - Elbow to knee alternate

Cool Down Strength Exercises: Complete 4 Sets of the below

15 x Bodyweight Squats
15 x Push Ups
15 x Reverse Pull Ups

The above is on her FB page.


  1. I honestly think Lisa is gone and has been gone at least since the holidays. She lives in London now, never posts anything but flea markets shopping on her Instagram and I swear the posts on her facebook page are created by someone else.
    Freddy can say whatever he wants, I don't really believe 90% of it. Just like he was shutting down his facebook page, oh wait, no he's not.

    1. Lisa's posts do seem to vary a lot - I am too a big time misspeller etc when I post (mostly because I am a sh*tty typist) and Lisa is often like that, then she's got a perfect post. Those seem to be written by Freddy as his posts are typically cleaned up. I do think Lisa is a partner and after what happened with Zuzka - signed her life away, so even though she is away she is probably bound by contract to keep working out, posting, etc.

  2. Interesting:

    3w traineredith
    Valencia Edith Syjuco
    traineredith Shooting for @bodyrocktv75 in alley ways with this cutie @austinampaolone . #models #fitnessmodels #photography #photooftheday #photoshoot #abs #personaltrainer #fitfam #girls 3w


  3. OK- I adore Lisa and I like her workouts, but I'd be mad and crazy to try that workout. That's one of the reasons why I moved away from BR- How the heck do you remember all of that?

    I'm glad you found Tati! She's incredible and I really enjoy her workouts. They're super hard, but they're competitive and you can make a program however you like. And she's super sweet:)

    What are your opinions on CrossFit btw?

    1. Tati just posted a new workout that I can't wait to try.

      I was a member of Crossfit for a while. I stopped after having my second child because most of them do not have daycare, and I'd have to pay for a sitter AND pay for the class. Just too expensive. There was also a lot of running, and well, I HATE running. I think Crossfit is like any other franchise - each one is a good (or as bad) as it's owners.
      I also found it to be a jack of all trades and master of none - if you will. At least for ME. I like to concentrate on certain things more than others.
      I LOVED a lot of their workouts and LOVED that they did things like handstands, jump rope, deadlifts and KB swings. I had a great coach, so I lucked out.

  4. Also, the woman in the Equalizer ads looks a lot like another woman who hosted a few times with Sean. I forget her name [...]

    Do you mean Haley? I don't think it's her, but she has since gone and done other things for herself -- she has Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts under the name Natural Fitsique (she used to have an Instagram account, but I don't know what's happened to it). When she was let go by Bodyrock, she started something different for herself and it's been really cool seeing her gains -- she has built a lot of muscle since working with them. I also really liked how she focused a lot more on health and ability than aesthetic - a refreshing 180 from Bodyrock at the time (and even now, at times).

    1. Yes! Haley! Thank you. I will check out Natural Fitsique for her. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hey -- I did Lisa's workout that you posted here; did it this morning and it was pretty intense. I was surprised that for something that was more strength-oriented than cardio-oriented, I felt a similar exertion as I normally do with cardio, if not more. I substituted some exercises for others (as I'm not focusing so much on upper body as this workout is) but it was still intense.

    I wonder what the rhyme and reason will be for her workouts while in Spain. I like doing her workouts because, as we've all touched on, all the trainers do much more than the 12 minutes and even the bonuses. But the 12 minutes of HIIT is where I started on this journey, and I'm grateful for that. More experienced/advanced people can add on as they wish, I suppose (or pay for the bonuses :)).