Sunday, June 29, 2014

Zuzka and Intermittent Fasting, Lisa and her motivation, and a fun outdoor workout

Zuzka put up a post on her FB page about IF. She is getting a little weird with nutritional advice these days. I actually have tried IF in the past, and found it annoying. I would be damn hungry, but it wasn't 'time' to eat yet, so I had to wait. Then I would pig out! I felt like I was starving myself, and then overeating, so I stopped.
I think for someone who has no appetite in the morning IF works best. I also think it works better for men than woman. Due to women's hormones, fasting is not as easy or as beneficial. One woman commented on Zuzka's post about fasting for women -
A very interesting read.
Zuzka is not a nutritionist, so I am not sure where she is going with all of this different advice and approaches. Most people just want to know what she eats in a day, how many calories, and her macronutrient breakdown. Questions she gets asked all the time yet never answers.
Zuzka seems to tie in a lot of her advice these days in correlation to cancer, so I wonder if it is because of her friend going through chemotherapy treatments.

Even though I typically like Zuzka's workouts better, one thing I can say that I love about Lisa is her responsiveness. She responds to A LOT of comments on her FB page - far more than Zuzka ever did or does.

Zuzka has her latest schedule put up - another Tabata week. She also does not have a new yoga routine this week? Usually she does them on Sat, but has a Tabata workout and instead says to try one of her yoga workouts on Sunday.

Zuzka also did a workout with Jillian Michaels. This has to be fantastic for her career. Jillian has over 1 million likes on FB and Zuzka has 400,000+. But then again if Zuzka was still with BR she would have over a million as well. I just think that Jillian is more well known, and she will bring a lot more followers to her now.

Lisa just put up a motivational post on her page and it's awesome. She is a great motivator with her written words and during her workouts pushing us to keep it up.
This is WHY I find all of her plastic surgery work to be so opposite of what she seems to be.
Even in her written speech she writes - Love the body you have right now & start your first diary page by telling yourself that you are going to start making positive changes everyday, but that you are under no pressure to make it happen over night – it’s a process of small steps towards a whole new lifestyle change.
I think she needs to take a piece of her own advice about loving her body. :)

I like to workout outdoors, and do not get to do it very often where I live as most of the year it is too cold, and when it finally gets nice out, its too hot!
But lately I've been getting out a little more with my jump rope and Kettlebell.
Here's one for you guys to try out.

100 Jump Rope Skips
100 Meter Sprint
10 Burpees
10 KB Clean and Press (each side)
10 Goblet Jump Squats
10 Rows (each side)

3 rounds



  1. Honestly, I feel that Lisa has a bit of a body dysmorphic disorder. Something that was not helped by Freddy at all. Zuzana got implants when she was with him. And she was scary skinny at one point with him. Now she's much healthier than she was at that point. I think being with him brings out insecurities. We women can get insecure about our looks, and what we need are people who adore us for who we are. Not people who want to use sex in order to sell. And Freddy definitely used it to try to make Lisa into a Zuzka 2.0.

    I'm happy that she's away from him. It doesn't bother me as much about her plastic surgery as it does sadden me. I think that Lisa is on the way to finding inner peace. The facebook post seemed more reflective than the ones earlier, and they sound closer to what she used to say before her surgeries. There's no doubt in my mind that it was Freddy behind it, and I can forgive Lisa for her decisions because her inner character is really sweet.

    On the contrast, Zuzana is gorgeous, but she doesn't seem to care as much about her Zwarriors by never answering questions or offering faulty advice. She's NOT a nutritionist. As a public figure, she has the responsibility to be knowledgeable and not advertise crazy diets. Curing cancer? I really wonder where her facts are coming from. She's been advertising crazy diets from the beginning with BodyRock.

  2. Jillian hasn't liked Zuzka, or even acknowledged anything. If anything, it's Zuzka who's the follower. Jillian Micheal is someone who has a larger following than Zuzka, but is able to answer fans and offer valid advice. She's a celebrity, but she obviously cares about her fans and helping people. I've been watching her since Biggest Loser, and she's an incredible motivator. She has a family, and multiple things to do. But she's relatable and can handle criticism. She knows how to train people and work with them. Zuzka still hasn't done that yet.

    Case in point, the AngryTrainer. He's gone after and criticized Jillian Micheals so many times, but she's a huge fan of him. He did one article talking about how 12 minutes a day wasn't enough to lose weight, but was better than nothing, Zuzka exploded and launched an angry personal attack against him on facebook and told her followers about it. And they attacked Alfonso AKA the Angry Trainer! It's disgusting and childish. She's going to get criticized a lot. Jillian and Bob who are excellent trainers get that treatment on a daily basis. She's not in the mainstream public eye, but she has a super thin skin and you know that a lot of people are going to warn against her faulty nutrition advice. And then she's going to launch a barrage of faulty details in order to support herself and launch a personal attack like she has before. Lisa is able to address controversy and criticism.

    Don't get me wrong, I do ZWOWs sometimes and bodyrock workouts. But while Freddy can be sleazy, his post about money and Zuzka has a bit of truth in it. She's not who her image is. And the lateness with the posts and the unreliability is not the way she should go on if she wants to be as big as Jillian Michaels. You have to deliver. Since when has Jillian Micheals, FitnessBlender, or Bob Harper ever been unreliable? They're all reliable.

    BTW-Check out FitnessBlender. They're a husband and wife team who have only the best interests of their fans. They've trained people for years, and have the established experience. Plus, they're free and they have videos for every fitness level. I've started to primarily use their workouts because they're not feeding me advertisements, and denounce faulty advice in the fitness industry. I trust them more than I do any other fitness individual except for Tatianna from Lovingfit. And I love their camera angles! It's focused only on the workout and nothing else. They and Tatianna are my favorite fitness personalities because they're real. They don't go after fad diets or fad lifestyles. They're totally sweet and tell the truth.

    1. All great points! I agree that Lisa does have a body dysmorphic disorder. I amsure Freddy doesn't help. Zuzka even posted once that one of their biggest disagreements was the positions he wanted her to be in to take pics for BR.
      I have mentioned before that Zuzka comes across as money hungry. She does not come across as caring as Lisa either. But BR is also Freddy's site and people do not like him, so Lisa I think is often unfairly judged because of it. I know I pick on her for her surgeries, but again because she talks out of both sides of her mouth, and she is a public figure. I do give her tons of credit for what she does, and how hard she tries to motivate others.
      I love the Angry Trainer! And taking the high road with him is the way to go. Jillian is very classy that way. Zuzka should have taken the high road as well as he also had some pretty positive things to say about her. He just said she did not get her body working out 12 minutes a day, and I totally agree with that!
      Zuzka has a charming TV personality and it is very easy to watch her and like her from afar.
      I have checked out Fitness Blender before and I like it. Lovingfit I'll be sure to check out next. :)

    2. That's true. She has great recipes! I like her ZWOWs. But there's no way that I would pay for her gym. With all of the great free resources out there, paying for a program seems a bit obsolete.

      FitnessBlender has more than 1 million subscribers and they always offer free workouts. With two people, it's incredible how much work they do and surpass others!And I prefer the way they shoot their videos and camera angles the most. The only things they sell are programs and nutrition guides, but those are under 10 dollars and they're well worth it.

      You won't regret Lovingfit. Tatianna has some great workouts. Angry Trainer likes her as well. She's really humble and answers questions and really cares about the people who do her workouts. She's quite realistic, and her work-outs are hard core. They really test your strength! She doesn't advertise fads. She has a lot of inspirational posts and is really motivational.

    3. LovingFit is fantastic! Where has this been all my life? Lol. I'll have to do a post on her for sure.

    4. I agree with this entire comment. I also second FitnessBlender. They have a lot of variety and also stress form over speed and aesthetics. They encourage being healthy and taking care of yourself (if not in such smooshy terms, heh). I've learned a lot from Dan and Kelli at FitnessBlender, which I think is the key to gaining more trust and therefore more viewership and recommendations.

  3. I really do like Lisa and am also glad she is away from Freddy. I think she is slowly fading off the site though. If you really notice, when Lisa replies to posts or blogs she has many misspellings, bad grammar, etc. I think Freddy is writing the well written posts and posting them on her site. She doesn't check in much at all anymore.

    At first I didn't like her at all, but her personality really changed my mind. I feel she was used, and pushed aside and I feel bad for her.

    1. There's a lot I do not like about Lisa, but she does have a warm and caring personality. Interesting point about whether Lisa or Freddy is actually writing her posts.

  4. Another great site is Melissa Bender! She is my favorite with Tati of !!! This girl rocks!