Sunday, June 22, 2014

Freddy is closing down his FB page, Lisa has moved to the UK, so what's next for And the lastest with Zuzka

So there has been lots of gossip going on with BR these days.

I know it is none of our business, but when you put yourself in the public eye, well then expect some of your personal life to go public!

First Freddy posted that he will be taking down his FB page. I went through all of the comments and saw that some people asked why whereas others responded that they understood his reasoning. What reasons? I didn't see anything pertaining to why. He himself wrote in the comments section that new stuff was coming in August for BR, and that him and Lisa were still a couple and still going strong.
Someone outright asked him about his relationship status and he answered!

Lisa seems to have moved to the UK, but then she states that she is going to be in Spain filming for their next challenge. Her and Freddy seem to be apart right now, but I'm not sure that means anything significant?
Also, a lot of their older videos were marked private. A post went up on BR's page that it would be fixed over the weekend. I'm not sure why they were marked private in the first place and no explanation was given.
I'm not sure if it was a technology glitch? A marketing ploy? Or if it has something to do with the charliejames1975 and the Ryan Seacrest voting. I just don't know. Lisa directed everyone who was having problems with the videos to email Sean and he would fix it. I had emailed him in the past about the nutrition guide and he got back to me with the appropriate link. I wonder if he is doing the same here. If I wasn't on vacation I would have done it myself. Did anyone else email him?

I'm curious as to see where BR is going with all of this.

Zuzka has been posting a lot of nutrition advice lately. Again I haven't been able to read into it that much, but it does seem that many of her followers out there are confused. She is advocating the keto diet which is mostly (healthy) fat based. Why can't Zuzka just post her calories and macro break down? But then again she changes her diets as often as she changes her hair style!

She also posted her latest arm balance challenge - full handstand. Yipee!

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  1. You couldn't be more right about Z changing her diet every couple of months. She should only post her macros, micros, and water in take. But now she is toting the keto diet as a cure for cancer, *smh. What works for one does not work for all.