Monday, May 19, 2014

Zuzana's Latest Summer 6 Pack Series - And A Free Workout

Zuzka posted 3 'out of the box' ab exercises:

They include the breakdance push up, handstand tuck jump and jack knife knee tuck. Loving this ab workout! Can't wait to do it. :)

How are you guys liking these targeted workouts?

Nikki Nixx is back this week also to do a beginner ab workout for newbies. Seriously though - Nikki Nixx? Sounds like a porn star and she looks like one. I thought Zuzana was trying to get away from all of this? I'm not trying to be mean to Zuzka or Nikki, and I know looks can be deceiving, but it's pretty out there, IMHO of course. :)

For those of you who follow BR's workouts, which ones are you doing these days? I kind of miss them posting new weekly workouts instead of these challenges. There is so much time in between them and lots of repetition. I'm not sure why they are not keeping it as fresh? I know they're working on a new challenge and a new workout, so maybe there is lots to come?
Melissa has not posted a new workout lately either. Hmmmm...... wonder what they are all up to!?

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