Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nikki's Beginner Workout and some stuff from

Zuzka posted Nikki's first workout for beginners - or as an active rest day for the more advanced people. What did you all think?

Bodyrock had one of their bloggers post a Tabata workout (finally something new) and it looks like a good one:

Bodyrock also posted this pic which drives me nuts - there is no way she lifts that weight. She is skinny and has little muscle. It's just another overly sexy picture, but there is no way she lifts heavy weight!

But then they posted these pics - which looks like girls with natural breasts (gasp!) AND muscle tone. This is more motivating to me because it seems attainable.

BR also posted a beginners series - which I find odd since Zuzka just did this as well. They do seem to copy each other a lot, don't they?

The one thing that I am surprised about that they are not copying each other is this:

BR is not asking us to vote for them?! (yet?) UPDATE: Yep, its on BR's FB page now - asking us to vote for them as well. But what is weird is that it features Rita. Huh? Someone commented that LISA is the face of BR, and someone else replied, no Zuzana AND Lisa are.

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