Saturday, April 26, 2014

Zuzka's Vegetarian Diet Comes To An End, Bodyrock posts oldies, but goodies and a new app?

Zuzana posted on her FB page that her experiment with vegetarianism has ended.
She actually did it for more than 30 days and likes being a carnivore instead.
There were LOTS of comments on her page saying that she did not try hard enough, long enough, etc.
Zuzka said she felt more muscle soreness and less energy than when she was eating meat, and that she had gained a bit of weight by adding in more fruits and grains to make up for the lack of meat.
People responded by saying she was probably detoxing and didn't give it enough time.
But seriously folks, have you SEEN Zuzka's body? She NEVER eats junk food - ever as she clearly stated as a response to these folks (if she does it is as most once a month, if at all). I think if anyone knows their body its Zuzka.
Being a vegetarian can be quite controversial. I do not believe in being cruel to animals, but it is a fact of life to feed the masses. Can we live without meat? I think since we are all individuals, then some people do just fine without meat and others truly need it in their diets.
Can we live with less meat? Probably!
I'm sure the cruelty to animals can be lessened. I'm not sure how to go about it, and that answer goes deeper than what this blog is about.
But I like that PETA people and vegetarians try and keep the farming industry in line. There needs to be a balance.
Even if everyone in the world was a vegetarian, what would we do slow down the reproduction of animals? This would need to be a concern.
Secondly, how would we have enough usable soil to farm enough fruits and veggies to feed everyone?
These things are never addressed! I asked this on Zuzka's site, and I'll see if I get a response.

Zuzka skipped her arm balance challenge this week and wrote that a new one would be coming this weekend.
She has posted a couple of free workouts as part of her Lifted Butt Series. How are you all liking this series anyways? has been posting a lot of their older workouts - including their Christmas challenge. They have been posting some mini-workouts (core, booty, 5 day, and the like) as well as redoing their 30 day challenge. Are any of you redoing any of the challenges?
They also posted an older yoga workout with Teshia. She has been MIA from their site for a while now.

Lisa posted that she liked a new app for the workouts:

This is on her FB page. I cannot get it to work. Anyone else? I'm not sure what it is supposed to do, or how it is any different.

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  1. I think people were a little harsh to her about not sticking with it. I respect people not wanting to eat meat for ethical reasons (I hate to think about it...was vegetarian myself for 7 years). But I personally believe that some meat daily is healthy (but never bother my vegetarian friends about this, not my place to do so).
    So, although I do agree with what she said about nutrients, it's not like she would have had to do the diet to find that stuff out. Basic research on the internet could have showed her that. However, she wouldn't know about the muscle soreness until after trying it out.