Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Zuzana Light Tour? Her birthday, the next arm balance, & some good recipes from

So Zuzka did a Lorna Jane/Santa Monica event which looks like it was at a mall. It reminds me of how up and coming singers tour around to local malls trying to increase record sales and get their names out there.
Think Zuzka will travel around and do a tour of her workouts? She mentioned she did other workouts, but that hers "was the most challenging of course". I'm sure it was, but that sounded a little arrogant to me!

It was Zuzka's birthday as well. Somebody posted a pic of a cake that they made for her which I found to be hysterical (in a very good way).

Love this cake!!!

Zuzana did finally post her next arm balance - 8 angle pose. Love this arm balance too. I often do the leg over shoulder arm balance into 8 angle pose and it's a great workout for your abs!
She was talking about the arm balance challenge mentioning her last one - Firefly was difficult for her due to genetics. Though she does not like to use genetics as an excuse (which I think we all do too often, but I also think there is some merit to genetics - as in this case why firefly is so hard for her, but then I wish she would mention that genetics also make pistol squats significantly easier for her than others). It goes both ways Zuzka!
She says she can't touch the ground with her short arms on the yoga mat when she is sitting. Which cracks me up - damn her arms are in fact short and has a looooong torso. I can certainly reach the ground when sitting on my yoga mat, and then some. I have a super short torso and long legs making firefly easier and pistols hard.

Not much going on with A lot of repetition, no new workouts, not even from Melissa. I wonder what they have going on behind the scenes. I wish they would update us.
They post a lot of nonsense too, but there have been a couple of recipes I would like to try out. . They use wheat flour here and I would be more apt to use Spelt, Chestnut or Sweet potato flour, but nonetheless looks yummy.

This looks like another yummy one!
A little late for Easter, but that's ok. I think my kids would love these. Any which way I can sneak nutrition into my kids, I'm all for it.

I odered a couple of vegan protein powders yesterday from . A REALLY great deal. Each was about $15 - $20 LESS than sold in stores, and one I have a very HARD time even finding in stores.
I'm not a vegan, and typically do not like protein shakes, but I also don't like to eat a ton of meat. (though I am making bacon wrapped asparagus tonight) :)
So I fall short a lot of days on my protein and each too many carbs, so this is an effort to up my protein intake in a healthier way. The ingredients are all natural, organic, and you can pronounce all of it and know what everything is!
I went looking around the internet too see how Vitacost compares, and Amazon was almost as cheap, but I got free shipping with Vitacost saving me almost $14! Also, if you get a Vitacost account you can save $10 and save another $10 if you refer someone else. Love it!
So if you have some supplements you would like to order go here:

I got the Garden of Life Vanilla Chai and the About Time Chocolate Vegan.

I've also mentioned the BEST supplement on earth called Juice Plus that has 25+ veggies, fruits, berries in it for under $70 a month, AND if you have kids they take it FREE. Can you imagine how much it would cost you to eat 25 different fruits, veggies and berries a day? All those anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals come from vine ripened produce, kosher, organic, gluten, dairy, egg, soy free.
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