Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zuzka's 30 Day Vegetarian Diet Update,'s BootCamp Day 3, an Awesome Recipe and an Awesome Workout

Zuzka did a post on her FB page on how her diet is going with vegetarianism. She said she has gained a little bit of weight from adding in grains do to the lack of complete protein without meat. Hmmmm.... take from this what you will.
To me it says that she is making up for what is lacking in her diet. If you're lacking in something - that doesn't sound good or optimal. I do however completely understand anyone who wants to be a vegetarian because of their love for animals. It's a double edged sword. Sigh..... is on day 3 - chest and back. I actually am NOT a fan of body part workouts. I never do a leg day or chest and back day, arms and abs, etc. YUK! I like full body workouts. But this is MY preference. Maybe some of you love the idea. I just can't imagine going to the gym for shoulder day.....?

Anyways, bodyrock is posting more about their PURCHASE only workouts. You get 16 bonus workouts - finishers for $14.95.
Zuzana's are $10 a month for 12 workouts. (2 new ones a week plus the yoga one).

Well here is a FREE recipe and FREE workout for you guys. Maybe if you guys spread the word this blog can be popular enough someday to offer some purchase services. (one can dream!)  Lexxie and Liddlebins - you have been so supportive yours would always be free. :)

I can't wait to make this one -sounds yummy:


Start with some yoga - a few sun salutations for a warm up.

Then go onto this workout:
4 Burpees
4 Pull ups
4 Jump Squats
4 V ups
Do 15 rounds.

End with some yoga backbends and hip stretches. :)


  1. Thanks for thinking of us XO :)

    Zuz said she gained 1 inch overall. I don't know what that means. Like 1/4 of an inch from her...and another there?

    My guess is she won't stick to the diet past the month. Good on her for giving it a try though. I don't think I could last a month!

    1. Idk what that means either! And yes I doubt she will go longer than the month

  2. I agree, thank you for thinking of us! That is uber sweet! :D

    Also, thank you for posting the recipe and the workout; I love that includes yoga -- I've fallen in love with power yoga and am always looking to incorporate more into my daily routine (overall stretches, vinyasa flow, sun salutations, warrior sequences). Tomorrow's installation of Bodyrock's challenge is supposedly 'only' 12 minutes so I think I will tack this on to the routine.

    I'm with you on the area-specific workouts; in general I like to do full body -- however, I do find that on some days I focus on certain areas because I have a particular goal. That's usually saved for some isolated exercises at the end, though.

    This isn't the exact same as what Z is going through with her vegetarianism but I feel it's important to mention -- when I was living at home with my folks, I ate primarily vegetarian because my mom was and would prepare the meals. However, we really didn't eat a lot of vegetables or other sources of protein, or good carbs. The diet was pretty much centered on finding replacements for meat, like Tofurky or Smart Dogs, but not really focusing on whole foods. As an omnivore, I eat much more balanced than I ever have, and then I ever did when I was vegetarian for 4 years.

    I don't think Z will last more than a month, either, but hopefully she'll take a lot from the experience and maybe eat a primarily vegetarian diet with some animal-based protein from time to time.

    1. I too just loooove yoga! I'll post more of it . Thanks for sharing your life as a vegetarian. Very interesting!