Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Six Pack Abs Series with Zuzana and- Jason? Who's he? And bodyrock.tv's CHARGING for some workouts now too!

Zuzana posted on FB that she has a new trainer - his name is Jason and he is supposed to help us get our 6 packs. :)
He is quite handsome - lots of positive comments on FB about him. Both males and females posted it was a good move for both sexes. Lol.
A very brief post - no other info unless it is posted on her pay only ZGym site.
I am curious as to why she did this and where she found him. Zuzka sometimes reminds me of Madonna - she is always trying to reinvent herself.

It is day 2 of bodyrock.tv's bootcamp challenge and from what I can tell people are happier that Lisa is back and that the longer workouts are back. They give you a choice of doing the workout once through for a shorter workout or twice through if you want the longer one. She definitely got her boobs done again, and looks like a more appropriate size for her frame.

AND though bodyrock.tv is still doing the workouts for free, if you want the 'burn out' workouts done at the end of each workouts (where Lisa says if you want to see REAL changes) then you need to BUY them.
I am shocked! I guess it is an ingenious way of giving away free workouts and charging for others. Check it out below.
What do you guys think of this?

Some people are ok with it, while others are not. 
Here are 2 completely opposite posts about their for sale workouts:

Zuzka and bodyrock.tv both seem to copy each other on various aspects. I wonder if Zuzka will make a cookbook next. ;)


  1. I was a little put off at first but it's pretty smart for those who want extra and who might need a little extra guidance. I am actually thinking of buying the "guide" with the burnouts mainly because the benefit is that it's $15 flat and not a recurring charge. Just my opinion, though. I've always modified with the equipment/used what I have so I haven't felt left out in that regard. For my goals this year, though, the extra burnouts might be worth the [minimal] expense.

    I've been with Bodyrock more since Lisa came to town as it were, so maybe that's why I lean more towards them than to Z. I do like her AMRAP workouts though; she is hella hardcore. It is interesting seeing their respective workout and diet challenges as an unspoken back and forth. I imagined yesterday with Bodyrock's new challenge started that Z was watching it and already making plans for her next move ;)

    I did Day 1 of the 21 Day Bootcamp this morning 2 times through with a self-designed cardio bonus at the end and I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow (with some bonuses already pieced together).

    1. Good points. If you do purchase the workouts let us know what you think!

  2. I think it's fine they are charging for this. However, I can't help but find it hypocritical. They took so many direct stabs at Zuz, not to mention all the passive-aggressive stuff, for her charging. Yet they were also encouraging sales of expensive equipment during this time.
    This is one more example of where Freddie needs to keep his business separate from his personal life. He said way to much in public re: Zuz charging, and clearly it was personal. If he hadn't said so much, then perhaps people wouldn't be so focused on it.

    1. I guess this is why I'm so surprised that they are charging. Freddy seemed vehemently opposed to zuzka doing it