Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Killer Workout! Plus Yoga Challenges: BootCamp/Detox Challenge and Zuzka's Arm Balance Challenge

OK, this one I am doing tomorrow as a finisher to my workout. On Sundays I typically practice dead lifts, dive-bombers and heavy hip thrusters. I SUCK at dive bombers. My dead lift I have done a max of 175lbs and hip thrusters a max of 200 lbs. Only one rep at those weights. Dive bombers I can do 8-10 at a time and that's it. But I'll keep working at it.
You would think that at 200 lbs I'd have an arse of steel! But still working on that too. :)

This workout below is 15 minutes long. 30 seconds for each exercise, no rest between exercises, but rest 1 minute between rounds. Do a total of 4 rounds.

Dynamic squats (touch the ground with hands in between each jump squat rep)
KB Swings (Need a Kettlebell? : Order HERE)
Double KB or Dumbbell High Pulls
Weighted Walking Lunges
Pull ups
Burpee Tuck Jumps

I do lots of yoga too and actually LOVE yoga. YogaDownLoad is having a 21 day yoga detox challenge. Looks GREAT! I really want to video a yoga workout for you guys, and plan to if I can ever get my kids to stay put for 5 minutes. Ha!

Here is info on the challenge:

Spring has officially begun! Time to shed the winter coats and holiday pounds. Join YogaDownload’s 21-day Spring Bootcamp & Detox Challenge offers you a chance to gain harmony in your mind and body, cleanse your spirit and reclaim your ‘beach body’ in 21 days. 

From April 1, 2014 to April 21, 2014, participate in the butt-kicking and detoxifying yoga classes, with the benefits of a trainer in the privacy of your home with Purchase the Monthly Elite Membership today to participate in the challenge and use promo code BootCamp 14 to pay only $10!'
For more info and to enter the challenge, click the link below. :) I'd love to add this to my workouts.

Get slim and strong this spring with YogaDownload’s 21-Day Spring Bootcamp & Detox Challenge. Use promo code Bootcamp14 and join for only $10. ENROLL TODAY! 

Is anyone doing Zuzka's 10 week hand balancing challenge? Since I'm such a yoga fan, I'm in on this one. I'll look forward to each new arm balance she shows us each week.

This is actually ME doing an arm balance. ;)

There is just so much to look forward to!

Zuzka's arm balance challenge:

YogaDownload's BootCamp/Detox 21 Day Challenge:'s 21 day bootcamp challenge starts on Monday!