Saturday, March 8, 2014

Zuzka Light's Rain Won't Stop Me Workout

What did you guys think of this one? It was a free workout she posted on FB.

There were lots of comments about how sexy it was, etc. and other comments saying - why did you do that? I read one that said - I think you are trying too hard to be sexy. (I kind of agree). Here was one comment that I found interesting:
 Why? Honestly I've been following u forever. Your workouts have made me develop more muscle than ever. Its amazing. Its also sad how you can't sell it without sex. Don't u want more out of your life? Just sayin. U are an amazingly smart and talented person

I'm not sure why she did this workout in the rain. She said she just wanted to know what it was like and wanted a challenge. I think she just wanted to look sexy. She wore a see through white tank and a black bra. It's not like she wore a raincoat! LOL. But still nothing compared to her BR days and their current pics. Not sure if I am a fan of the smeared mascara. Lots of comments on that too - and that she looked sad.

But nonetheless, the workout seems like a pretty good one. I will do it inside. ;)
Snowboarder 20 reps
Burpee side plank twist 180 jump 10 reps
Jump Squat leg lift 20 reps
Dive Bombers 10 reps

I forgot how hard dive bombers are. I haven't done them in a while. I got good at them, so time for me to practice again! I look forward to it. :)

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