Thursday, March 6, 2014

Melissa Ioja From Has Her Own Facebook Page

Melissa has some CRAZY workouts posted on her page - ones that I did not know were available.
Here is one that took her almost an hour to do!

She has quite a few more workouts up there, so check it out.

Melissa did this post about her dinner:

Is she kidding? Maybe 2-3x the amount of chicken and 5x the amount of veggies, and then I'd call that dinner. That wouldn't be enough to feed my 3 yr old.
There were lots of comments posted about the absurdity of the amount of food, or lack thereof!
I do not like what kind of a message that sends either. Makes it seem like she is starving herself.
And from the looks of Melissa and the amount of muscle she has I think she is eating way more than that. If Tara Stiles posted this I would get it. You could blow that woman a kiss and she would fall over she is so skinny. But Melissa is full of muscle!

Melissa's workouts always seem to be the most challenging to me.
She mentioned that Lisa, Sean and herself will all be part of the next challenge.
Sounds good to me!

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