Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zuzka's latest and Lisa-Marie is doing the next 30 day challenge with

Zuzka has posted info on her FB page about two out of her 9 contestants from her 30 day challenge. I find this odd. I think she should have done a final wrap up with all of their info making it a much bigger deal. She posted info about her Kettlebell DVD about music, a yoga pose, etc and throwing in the results of her clients in between these posts. Huh? I think she should have posted a final wrap up with details highlighting where they went right or wrong, how she was able to help them, and then posted her sale of her KB DVD.
They should have been posted as 2 separate events if you will.

Zuzka's KB DVD looks terrific with challenging workouts. This is the beginner one - can't wait for her more advanced one. I will buy that for sure! She posted one of her KB workouts for free. Has anyone tried it?

Now Zuzana also posted the titibasana or firefly yoga pose that she has been working on. I wonder what other poses she has been working on? She also works on handstands and pull ups. She is a working out machine! Plus her DVD's, her ZGym workouts - she works out A LOT.

I know many people comments that they themselves do Zuzka's workouts or the short bodyrock workouts for that matter two times through to make it enough of a workout. They are just not enough anymore. People are outgrowing them.
I think that if I were to truly only do the very short workouts, I would have to use much heavier weights. But maybe that's the point - to go to your absolute max as Zuzana says. Maybe if I were to use heavier weights that normal then 12 minutes would be enough?

Lisa-Marie also announced that she will be doing the next 30 day challenge with the longer workouts. It starts in March. People all over FB were asking for her and asking for longer stretching routines at the end. I wonder if she will add that in. There are also lots of adds on their FB page for the Equalizer - to get it before the next challenge. And to get their nutrition eBooks to get the most out of their challenge. Sales, sales, sales!
I also saw a comment from someone who ordered the Equalizer in November and did not get it til January. Really? That seems awfully long to receive an order. Anyone else have that problem?


  1. I'm doing the real time challenge that Lisa did back in October, and I must say it's pretty fantastic. The Catching Fire one was good and I saw results - but I also incorporated running and other strength training to achieve that. The Real Time Challenge is much more comprehensive and compact and doesn't leave people guessing as to what else can be done to achieve their goals. Basically, the standard had already been set with Lisa's challenge that to 'regress' time-wise as it were wasn't a smart move. I'm only on Day 7 of Lisa's challenge and am already seeing/feeling results (and I'm stoked to see how I'll feel/look when it's done).

    That said, there were some great moves in the Catching Fire challenge that I found useful and will incorporate in other routines.

    1. Liddlebins- if you want to send me before and after pics I'll post them on this blog!

  2. Sure! I'll keep you updated for sure :)