Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lots of interesting info to report!

So Zuzana has been dribbling in reports of the weight loss and inches lost of each of her clients from the 30 day challenge. I still wish she did this as one overall report. I'm not sure why she is doing it this way?
She also did a post on her facebook page about genetics. She states that we can control more about our genetics that we think. I only agree with her 50%. We certainly do not have to be destined to be overweight or out of shape because we have poor genetics. BUT we cannot all be tall, have thick hair, tiny waists, be an olympic or professional athlete, be a body builder or even look like Zuzana for that matter. Genetics DO play a roll, but  on the other hand are also used as an excuse far too much.
Somebody made a comment about how Zuzka's breasts are not genetic. LOL.

Did you all read that Melissa is now an official host? What about Rita? I guess Melissa has been around longer. Besides, Rita doesn't have fake boobs. Perhaps you need those to qualify?  (kidding ! )

The next challenge with is 21days long, it is a boot camp and it is with Lisa. Not sure why it is not 30 days long? You can sign up now for it.

There was also an interesting post on from a participant of P90X stating that he loves bodyrocking, but that sometimes the workouts are just not enough. This is what he does to modify the workouts to make them more intense. I found this article particularly interesting - because 1. he has some great advice, and 2. the posted something stating that their workouts might not be intense enough?!

Lastly, if anyone is interested in some interesting nutrition advice, this is a great article on low carb dieting, and why it may or may not be the way to go:


  1. Hey, Gina! I'm subscribed to your blog and get all the posts emailed, so I read them all, but am to lazy to come here and comment (: Just wanted to say I love reading your threads, you make a lot of great points, but what I like the most is that you always highlight the pluses and the minuses. A lot of times when something comes up on Zuzka or BR, my first though is what will you have to say about it :D So thanks for writing and sharing, keep it up please (:

    1. Thank you so very much!!! I will keep it up. :)

  2. Gina- by now, from all my posts, you know I love Zuzana and I do her workouts exclusively. You know that I have had great results from them (and also know that the reason may be to having the same body type as her...)...but I am so unhappy with her posts about the challenge. I can't believe the one with Nikki. It is great that she can now do pushups and that is huge in terms of strength. If she continues, she will have lots of progress in her physique as well; however, she posted that Nikki gained 3 lbs of muscle. I don't believe this. I don't believe this even happened with me during my first 30 days of Zwows and I had very quick results (mesomorph body here...). I just feel it is dishonest. Other photos look photoshopped as well. The one with Caitlyn is a good example. If you look at the after photo, from the front view, you can see her 'body' missing and the pants sticking off to the side. It's obvious and with my Mac, I can zoom in and see it so clear. Not sure if I explained it well.
    Anyways, I am just so disappointed because I know people can get good results with her workouts, but most won't in 30 days...and for some, they may still need more, depending on goals, body type etc. BUT this just makes her look like a cheap infomercial.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lexxie. I'm so jealous of you mesomorphs!!! ;)
      I think Zuzka's 30 day challenge was a bit of a bust myself. I didn't think the pics were photoshopped, but they were altered to be put on a white background. I went back and looked at Caitlyn I couldn't believe it! You're right. A piece of her waist is missing. That's awful!!! I saw some folks reply on FB that they thought the pics looked photoshopped too. I'll have to do a post on this later in the week. Thanks again!