Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zuzka Light's 30 day workout program challenge

Zuzka's 30 day workout challenge starts tomorrow! How many of you are doing hers or are you doing's 30 day challenge? So weird they are doing them at the same time. I bet Freddy is pissed. But people can do bodyrock's for free whereas Zuzka's will cost you money.

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with the women she choose for her challenge as all of them but one where 32 years old or younger!  A lot of women in their twenties. One woman in her 50's. I would have liked to have seen 35-45 year olds in there instead as this group is typically the most of whom start to look to hire trainers and get back into shape.

I am curious to see how it plays out. I wish either site would have a 30 day diet challenge instead! I'd do that one.


  1. I know most people won't say this, but I wish she had one girl that was really fit, but still not at her maximum potential. It would have been cool to see someone get really ripped :) There is one that may be like this, but since I couldn't see their whole bodies, it is had to say.

  2. Hmmm.... I never thought about that. It would be interesting to see someone already in shape get into dynamite shape. Or someone skinny get toned. I'd like to see that as well!

  3. Did lisa get another boob job? Is that why she is not participating in the new 30 day challenge?

    1. She has a recent live video on her Facebook page working out so I don't think so.....

  4. I'm on catching fire challenge, doubling all the workouts since 12 mins is not enough for me. I'm in a good shape but I feel even better now, losing fat and it's awesome