Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do you think that Zuzana and Lisa are starving themselves?

OK, so that is a bit far fetched, especially with the amount of muscle both ladies have, BUT lets be REAL here.
BOTH Zuzka and Lisa-Marie are quite comfortable and more comfortable than most at being hungry. If they've eaten enough calories, or it is not time for their next meal, they 'just say no' to food.
I am miserable and irrational when I am hungry - I am not comfortable being hungry - AT ALL. I don't think most of us are. If we were, there would be a lot less of us that needed to lose weight or body fat (and Zuzka and would be out of jobs! LOL).
I know if you eat certain foods they stabilize your blood sugar so not to make you as hungry as soon as you might be. Even with that being said, Zuzka goes 4 hours between meals, eating 300-400 calories each meal 4x a day. 1200-1600 calories a day depending on whether or not she works out that day. She works out 5x a week, taking 2 days off, so at least 2x a week she is only ingesting 1200 calories a day.
Lisa promotes eating 5x a day, eating 1500 calories so 300 each meal. Lisa's workouts are an hour long with these challenges. I find eating only 300 calories each meal is hard to do!
Regardless, they both have an uncanny ability to say NO to unhealthy foods - even when they are staring them in the face. I think the only cheat days these ladies have are Thanksgiving, Christmas and maybe their birthdays. 3x a year? Geez. I'd have a six pack too. :)
They also appear to have a certain comfort level with being hungry - in my opinion, probably a large portion of their days they feel hungry.
They also do not have husbands or kiddos who have their cheat foods laying around the house for temptation.

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  1. It seems like Zuz does eat rather low calories and doesn't cheat often. But she is muscular, even if she is petite. I personally think Lisa is very thin and looks more like the body type of a person who eats really low cals and exercises lots would look like. I just don't how Zuz keeps the muscle on.