Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The latest workouts

So have you all been doing bodyrock.tv's workouts this week or Zuzana's?

Lisa has been talking A LOT about the challenges on her FB page. So perhaps that is a good thing. I am still perplexed as to why she was not leading this 30 day challenge.
I still think Rita and Melissa are doing a great job. Does Freddy do the filming for these ladies? Does he pick out their workout wear?
I think Melissa has a tendency to wear her tops and pants a size too small. I am always afraid I'm going to see a plumber's butt wardrobe malfunction on her. And she squeezes her implants into tops that are too small. I think this takes away from how good her body could actually look.
Rita's wardrobe needs some changes too (of course IMHO). She is very high waisted and it always looks like she is hiking her shorts up 80's style. I think she needs lower waisted bottoms. I think this takes away from how good her body could look as well. She looks 100% natural - for a change, and I welcome that change.
I think it is ironic how many blog postings bodyrock.tv or thedailyhiit.com does about photo-shopping when they clearly do plenty of their own on their eBook covers and advertisements.

Zuzana has been posting recipes and workouts. Zshred #14 is a good one. I love weighted deadlifts (though I did 135 lbs for these!). The 1 legged burpees were so hard - loved it. Love a new exercise that I want to practice to get better at. This is a good one for me. I have a hard time jumping one leg far forward enough. But not for long! ;)

Now - I have a question. If you are NOT a member of ZGym you are supposed to be able to see her recipes. If I am not logged in, I see her latest post on coffee, but that's it. Her latest recipe posts on FB I do NOT see on her Nutrition page, and when I click the link it takes me to the coffee post. Anyone else having this trouble?
Secondly, Zuzana is posting her workouts in written form on FB. Do non-members of ZGym get the videos too? I would think not because the rest of us are paying for it - correct? Does anyone know?


  1. Only members of the ZGym can view the videos; but non-members can participate by seeing the written form version. I'm not sure about how the nutrition part is set up, it's kind of strange she would lock that to Zgym members only?

    1. She doesn't lock the recipes just wondering why I don't see them when not logged in. They're supposed to be up on her nutrition page.