Monday, December 2, 2013

ZShred #26 and's fitchickfacts

So what do you all think of ZShred #26? I have to say it is very yoga based. If you have ever taken Bikram yoga you will notice some of the similarities. I haven't tried it yet, so not sure how hard it is. I know it is a 15 min AMRAP.
What do you all think of the yoga workouts she has been adding in?
And what do you all think of's fitchickfacts? I like them! But I have to say, and this is awful, when I first read it, it looks like it says fat chicks to me. Sorry!

I find this post by the fitchickfacts to be interesting:

Mostly because it says you will not get a male's body by lifting heavy. That's great, but most of their workouts ( and uses lighter weights, lots of reps and lots of cardio, NOT heavy weights.
Lisa will deadlift 40 lbs, not 140 lbs. There's a significant difference there!

Anyways, still awaiting bodyrock's next 30 day challenge, and tonight we'll see ZWow #96.

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