Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why Zuzana's or bodyrock.tv's workouts might not be enough for some people

Here is a great article to describe why some of us need a workout PLAN and not just random workouts.

This article talks about CrossFit, but it can be applied to the typical gym go-er, or to bodyrockers, or to ZWarriors.

Check it out.


This is not to say that some other people won't continue to benefit. If you are a true mesomorph or in maintenance phase, then these workouts might be perfect for you for the long haul.

These are perfect for people getting back into shape or who to improve their overall level of fitness.
But if you reach a plateau, then you need to look elsewhere for an actual PLAN.


  1. So, not exactly on topic here....but I saw on LM FB that she is in LA...Wonder what's going on there for her? That's where Zuz is.

    1. Hmmmmm.... Interesting! Perhaps for their clothing line?