Saturday, December 7, 2013

Over charged by ZGYM and Where has Sean gone off to?

So many of you know that I originally joined ZGym after ordering ZRopes as you get a 5 day free trial.
Well that trial was never honored. Pissed me off. I complained and got no where.
I guess I am a sucker because I joined anyways, and THREE times ZGym has charged me two times a month.

I have gotten reimbursed, but not without asking first. They had no clue.
Last time they also deleted my account while trying to fix it and told me I needed to rejoin. At this point, I'm not sure that I want to. I am beyond annoyed and frustrated. I should get a FREE month!
Make sure you are all being charged correctly!

Next, where in the world has Sean gone from It's all Lisa these days. Sean has been a big part of it for such a long time now, and has disappeared. Anyone know where he has been? I will check his Facebook page and see if there's any news there.

Zuzana did a FB post about getting some of her fitness stuff for others as a Christmas gift. Anyone plan on doing that? I'm not! I still pissed.

Also, so many people are asking for international shipping. I have no idea why this is not happening. I can ship international from my own house for Pete's sake.
She also is not allowing downloads and only DVD's - and I know, it is easier to share and she won't make as much money from downloads. But - so what? She is appearing more and more money hungry to me and I don't like it.
Her DVD's are about $12 with shipping. So why not charge $15 for the download? I'd pay $3 more for instant access AND be able to use it on my computer and phone rather than wait for a DVD.

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  1. I agree. I would pay more for a digital version. Then I could use it at the gym!