Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zuzana's ZShred #19, ZWOW #89, & More Equipment needed by Bodyrock.tv's workouts?

I plan on doing Zuzana's ZShred #19 later in the week. Looks terrific. I like the combo of leg exercises, the upper body exercise with the burpees, and the cardio with the burpees. One thing - like always - that it is missing it a pulling exercise.
I will do this workout with another buy-in of 8 pull ups, and will do it again mid-day through the routine, and again at the end.
Does anyone else think that competition burpees are easier than regualr burpees? Push ups are harder for me than going all the way to the floor.

ZWOW #89 does not excite me all that much. I don't think I will be doing that one.

Everytime I look at bodyrock.tv I swear there is another piece of equipment added to their list. I just saw a stretch strap. Seriously, in 6 mos will they have 2 pages devoted to just equipment?!?! And speaking of stretching, where is Teisha? I would LOVE it if they would have her do an intense yoga workout like Zuzana's.

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