Friday, October 18, 2013

Zuzana is in Boston and Kim Kardashian's Big Reveal

Zuzana is in Boston this weekend. I live so close by - I wonder where she is!
However, I have so many kid activities this weekend - carnival, swim lessons, Halloween party, I doubt I will actually make it into Boston. I would if I knew where she was going to be, but I'm certainly not going tp look around aimlessly.
She said on her web-site that she is 5'5" inches tall. She looks much shorter to me, like 5'2". I don't know why. I'd love to go and see her in person. is posting TONS of topics on their blog these days. Half a dozen a day - I can't keep track!
I saw this one:

Now I could give a rat's arse about what the Kardashian's are or are not doing, but this one caught my eye because it was about diet/fitness post baby. Or at least I thought it was. It was just a half naked woman looking to show off. I thought it was in poor taste. She looked trashy, not classy.  I would expect more from a mom! C'mon - post a pic your baby would be proud of some day. I'm all for her showing off her hard work, but how about a sports bra and shorts? Even Lisa working out in her underwear leaves more to the imagination than this photo.

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