Sunday, October 13, 2013

ZCUT Power Yoga Vol 2 Trailer, the 30 day real time challenge and Kettlebells

I'm not sure why Zuzana waited so long to put out the trailer on this DVD as it was released a few weeks ago. Are sales not what they should be?
I have both of her Power Yoga DVD's and I love them. Vol 1 is much harder - not to say that Vol 2 is easy, it's not. I like the warm up much better on 2 and the ab workout as well as the Warrior Series better on 2. The rest I prefer from 1. I mixed the both of them together this morning for a great yoga inspired workout!

I am loving the ZShreds too. I am more of a weigh lifter than a HIIT person only because of my body type, but I love adding a short but intense mini-workout at the end of my strength training sessions. This is where Zuzana rocks my world! I'll typically do 2 rounds of her workouts instead of the whole thing as I have already worked out, and I still love it.

The 30 day challenge looks quite terrific too. Are they taking out all regular 12 min workouts while this is going on? I haven't seen any lately. And they are doing these real time just like Zuzana does. Are they copying her? I know they tried real time in the past, but it did not go so well for them. Uploading the large videos was more of a process than they bargained for.

I'm a big Kettlebell fan and cannot wait for Zuzka's KB DVD to come out. She mentioned that she did 2 workouts the other day for her DVD. I wonder how often she does that? Another customer asked her the same question on her Facebook page.

Another commentator made a great point about Zuzana. She has worked HARD for her body for a period of YEARS now. She can maintain her great shape with mostly HIIT workout's, but for a lot of us, we need to build muscle FIRST. This means we need to workout more with more weights. Zuzana also mentions how she walks and rides her bike often, does some KB swings here and there, and practices pull-ups several times weekly from her home pull up bar. Hmmmm.......

Zuzana loves KB swings and loves burpees. One of my favorite short, but intense workouts is a combo of swings and burpees. 10 swings, 5 burpees, 10 rounds. Burpee pull ups are great too to add in there for more of an all over body workout.

I also love doing a high pull with a KB - hopefully Zuzana will do those. Mixing those with bench jump overs is another one of my favorite, short and intense workouts.

Anyone doing the 30 day challenge? Anyone else into Zuzka's yoga?

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