Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The latest ZWOW and ZShred, thedailyhiit's 30 day challenge and pregnancy workouts

Zuzana's latest workouts look great of course!
Her ZShred #18 has strict mountain climbers, and I find for whatever reason if I do too many of those, it bothers my knees. Once it starts to bother my knees, I jump my feet to the inside of my hands. (Practicing pistol squats often bothers my knees too, so sometimes I do skater squats instead).
The ZWow #88 has the Flying Burpees which I LOVE. Sometimes I do her 'candlestick' burpees where your legs go straight up instead of behind the head because I feel it is better on my low back. Geez, I sound old - knees, back. LOL.
Do any of you modify her workouts for joint or other issues?
I was doing yoga today, but started with an old ZWow #60 - only 8 min. Funny - here I needed to add weight to make it hard enough. Other things I need to modify. Nature of fitness I think. We all have different bodies with different capabilities.
Speaking of modifying - there is going to be pregnancy workouts on thedailyhiit.com now? I think this is great - I worked out quite vigorously throughout my pregnancies, but I hope they are not getting too cocky here. This could be a huge liability for them. Not all pregnant women can workout. Some use it as an excuse to be lazy, but others seriously need to take it easy. I was lucky and could do whatever my body allowed.
I haven't had a chance to look at bodyrock.tv's 30 day challenge. Are any of you participating in it?

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