Sunday, September 22, 2013

ZRopes Review and Power Yoga ZCut Series 2

I got both of my new products in the mail yesterday - just in time for my birthday! :)

I used the ZRopes this morning. I got the Premium package. The jump rope is AWESOME. Much easier to use than a regular jump rope - so much smoother. It is a speed rope, and it rocks.
It comes with 6 of Zuzana's workouts - including a beginner one and a extreme one. They all look good to me except one - which is ALL jumping rope. I like other exercises mixed in so I don't get bored. Also, too much jumping rope in a row starts to bother my feet. But she does mix the rest of them up with things like mountain climbers, burpees, plank knee tucks, sit ups, etc.
Her workout sheets come with a space at the bottom to fill out your times so you can track your progress. I like that too.
It also comes with a 5 day pass to her ZGym. BUT be careful here. It states - if you do not cancel within 5 days you will be charged her monthly fee. So I have to give my credit card info to get 'Free' access? That is pretty sleazy in my opinion.
I've seen quite a few comments on Zuzana's Facebook page from people complaining that she is charging for everything now. I mean - she can now because of her success. But I do not like this idea of giving your cc info to get 'free' access. YUK.

I also got Zuzana's Power Yoga ZCut Series 2. I have not been able to do the DVD yet and will not be able to until next weekend, but it looks pretty good. Still bothers me that there was no trailer to this DVD. I don't get why not.
I do know that she is already working on Power Yoga ZCut Series 3. I got a newsletter with ZRopes and it talked about her KB program, that she will be coming out with a nutrition program (YIPEE) and that she started filming series 3. I find that a little odd as she has not gotten any feedback yet from series 2.
Her mentioned nutrition program will have one for people who want to lose weight and another for those wanting to build muscle. I am looking forward to this. She did not say when it would be live.

The Power Yoga ZCut Series 2 DVD consists of:
Warm Up, Sumo workout, Balance Flow workout, Upper Body Burpee workout, Twisted Chair workout, Warrior Endurance workout, 100 Ab Workout, Cool Down.
I liked her first DVD better, but there are some options on this DVD that I like better: you can fast forward or skip to the next workout - where as before you could do that on your PC, but not on your TV. Now you can do it on both. There is also an option to play all workouts which is great so you don't have to press play each time, you can do the whole DVD.

I like hard core power yogi's will not like this DVD, as I doubt they liked her other one, but I'm a yogi and I really like them. I do realize however, that these are yoga inspired workouts, not a true yoga class.

I'm looking forward to using my ZRope again tomorrow. I will use it to warm up, then use one Zuzana's jump rope sessions for a 10 min cash out at the end of my own weight lifting workout. :)

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