Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lisa's latest boob job looks GOOD!

Lisa didn't need a boob job in the first place, but I guess she was determined to have them.
4 tries!
She didn't need half the plastic surgery or cosmetic changes she made to herself, but this boob job looks WAY better.
What I do not get is - how is it that she does not wait the 6 weeks of required rest after the surgery prior to exercising? I'm confused. She has had this surgery four times. Is she crazy?
Hell - if there is only a 2 week recovery period, I'd get them! :) I have a hard time sitting still, let alone not exercising, I couldn't imagine a 6 week recovery for an elective surgery.

Lisa was demonstrating the last Tabata workout - which surprisingly, I did NOT like. I usually love Tabata workouts, but it was basically all the same moves, just in different orders. Too many steps to each exercise too. In a Tabata - with the 20 seconds, you want a basic intense movement - not choreography.

Melissa was back with another workout too. Looks like a good one.What do you all think of the real time workouts on Or was it I can't keep track.

Zuzka is videoing her beginner Kettlebell DVD which is exciting. And she is probably recording her ZShred and ZWOW for next week. Seems like a lot more than 20 minutes a day of exercise to me. I know, I know. Some of you will get mad at me for saying that again.

I wonder if she is still practicing her handstand work. She said she wants to walk on her hands by Christmas. I'm a handstand lover myself and I flipped over into a backbend a couple of days ago for the first time. YIPPEE. I also did 9 pull ups - 9! I cannot wait to hit that 10 mark.

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  1. Where did it say she got them done again? Are you sure it isn't just old pics? I find it hard to tell since they post so many old ones...

    1. I just assumed bc she was gone a few weeks and came back with bigger boobs - again. Maybe it was an old video, but she had the new short haircut.....

  2. Post the link if you can and I'll take a look. I really don't think she has had them done again, but I am curious now.


      There's one example! HIIT Tabata #4 as well.....