Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ZGym update and Bodyrock.tv's live workout

OK, so I used my 'coupon' to get the 5 free days of ZGym as I ordered the ZRopes, and you know what? They charged me! NO FREE 5 days. I just sent an email to customer service so I will keep you posted.

Also, did any of you watch the live workout with Melissa? what did you think? Bodyrock.tv has been trying to do live workouts even before Zuzana left.
It looked like a great workout. I like Melissa too - she is very fit, but I personally do not like her body type.
She is clearly in great shape, not an ounce of fat on her. But she too like Lisa did - a bad boob job. I mean they look like cement, and are too large for her. They make her look heavy, and she is anything but.
Her stomach muscles are bulky rather than cut too. Did anyone else notice that? I don't mean to pick on her - like I said, she is in great shape, and I like her.

I'm going to try ZWOW #71 today. :) Looking forward to it!

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