Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ZGym Update,'s Total Body Makeover Challenge and Other Helpful web-sites

I still have yet to get my 5 FREE days at ZGYM. What a scam and how disappointed I am.
I went back and forth with customer service to no avail. Basically I can just cancel at any time.
I EMAILED again and asked to please charge me after my 5 free days is up. You know what? They just cancelled my membership. What a joke.
I can always rejoin, it's not that and it's not the money. It's the principal of the matter. is offering a total body makeover challenge. You sign up by sending them your email and they will in turn send you an email for the next 5 days with new workouts. Hmmmmm...... I wonder what the purpose of this is?

I found some other interesting workout sites if anyone feels like playing around:

And if you are a Lululemon fan:

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