Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Daily HIIT's Total Body Makeover, Zuzka Light's 5 Minute Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout and Melissa's live Killa Gorilla

I went ahead and gave my email address so I could be sent their 5 day total body makeover challenge. Each day for 5 days you get a new workout delivered to your inbox. What is weird is that each workout I have been sent so far is one that I have already seen on Facebook. Huh? For instance, here is workout #2:

They also have Melissa's latest live workout on their Facebook page and it looks great!

I am still confused by this whole and I don't get it. But it's all in one on Facebook, so I like it better than going to the individual confusing web pages. 

Zuzka posted a great 5 min KB workout. Love it! Though I'm not so sure anyone can really learn a KB Snatch from that video, let alone a swing. You can even see her last couple of snatches she did were sloppy. But a great workout nonetheless. Love those push ups she did. She has to be better at push ups than any other female on the planet. Seriously! She is so good at them. 

I always find bodyrock's and Zuzka's workouts tough, hard, sweaty, grueling, but at the same time - not enough. I don't mean that in a bad way, but my body requires things like 100 lb squats, pull ups, 150 lb deadlifts, weighted push ups, 35 lb KB snatches, 55 lb swings, 70 lb push presses, 60 lb lunges, etc, etc. I can do their workouts with heavier weights, but then it is not as fast, therefore not as metabolic. Their workouts kill it for me metabolically. But I'm thin naturally and to even have a little muscle, I need higher volume with heavier weights. 
This is why I think I have a love/hate feelings towards Zuzana. Not that I hate her - figure of speech.
Love her - lover her workouts, she is charming, addictive, great to watch, inspiring and fun. She helps all of us look better. But then I hate her because even eating like her and working out like her, I could never look like her.  Sigh..... So I hate that! I wish I could workout like her and eat like her and get a 6 pack, sculpted arms, be able to do a split, handstands, pass a KB snatch test without any prior preparation, all for under 2 hours of sweaty workouts a week. Amazing. Mind boggling! 

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