Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zuzka and RKC Cert, Non-Lululemon Outfit and a thought on Lisa

Zuzana has it posted on her FB page that she is working on her RKC Cert this weekend. Which is great. She'll have lots of new KB workouts. I bet she will have a ZCut Power Kettlebell Workout DVD in no time.
HOWEVER, this is absolute proof that she workouts a lot more than she says she does. You cannot go to the RKC cert and wing it. It takes weeks if not months to prepare for their rigorous testing.
You must be able to perform 3 full dead hang pull ups, no swing in the body, arms locked out, and legs completely straight. I have not seen Zuzana perform ONE pull up since she started ZWow's over a year ago.
Secondly, you must be able to hold an RKC plank for one minute. Clearly she has this one down pat.
Lastly, you must be able to perform 100 KB snatches in 5 minutes or less. A KB snatch is extremely hard to learn and performing 100 of them in under 5 minutes is more grueling than any of Zuzana's workouts! She would have had to prepare fully for this test prior to going! There is no other way. It would be like saying to someone who has never performed a handstand and sending them to an elite gymnastics camp.
This aggravates me a little as it is a bit of false advertising on her part.

I just saw the latest workout on with Rita and she is NOT wearing Lululemon! What a surprise. I have noticed that Lisa is not in fact wearing much of it lately. And I have also noticed that they are posting more pictures of Lisa with her fake boobs, and posting many of her older workouts with her fake boobs than without.  I cannot believe that she really does not like the way she looks. She has been a lot about boob jobs, nose job, fake tan, fake eyelashes, lip injections, and fake nails. She has a body most of us will never achieve. I wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror to keep making all of these unnecessary and artificial changes to herself. I kinda feel sorry for her.


  1. I know nothing about kettle bell certification. I thought that perhaps it was a course she was taking for preparation, then doing the tests for the certification. But from what you wrote, it sounds like she would have needed to know this stuff before she went?

    This is a bit confusing. I guess on one hand, she could do less zwows per week and then train for the kettlebell stuff on other days? And thus only be working out daily as she says?

    I dunno if I buy what she is saying about just her daily workouts. But at the same time, I wonder if what I wrote above is possible?

    What do you think?

  2. Yes, she would have needed to know some of this stuff before she went, OR if not, learn it there and then go home and practice more before taking the test. Then she would not have a certification on the spot. She'd have to go back and earn it at a later date.
    The RKC has a large failure rate too - nearly 30% of people fail on their first try.
    Depending on what Zuzana's weighs in at, she'd have to do the 100 snatches with either 27lbs or 35 lbs. So no measely 8 lb dumbells here!
    Perhaps she only does 2 Zwow's a week and then practices all KB stuff the other 3 days. But it would be more than 10 minutes a day!

  3. One thing I find interesting is that nobody every questions if she uses steroids. I know that may sound extreme at first, but I'll explain.
    Many women who do figure competitions use some steroids. They are not using the level of heavy testosterone as female bodybuilders do, but there is still rampant use of it with lower doses (and of course specific types give particular results for a fitness look rather than bodybuilder). My husband has brought this up to me several times, and I admit that when I first saw her years ago, I questioned it as well.
    I hope nobody gets mad at me for bringing this up! I love her and she is my fitness idol, so there is no way I am hating on her. I just question if my husband's theory may have some validity.
    One thing that also makes me wonder if this is true is her diet. Her diet isn't really that amazing. Her diet is actually what most who have a body like that would consider somewhat low in protein (and just overall calories). I am surprised she is able to keep her muscle mass due to this...and this is perhaps another reason to question the use of steroids. Her muscle's are not huge, but she is still very muscular.

  4. Hmmmm.. I never thought of her using steroids. I would think that if she did Freddy would be singing it from the roof tops.
    But you are right - her diet is low in calories and low in protein for how she looks. She is most likely just genetically gifted to build muscle.
    If you look at pics of her when she was a porn star she is not nearly as muscular. The only other person I can think of who had a major body transformation like that is Madonna. Back in the 80's she had a very curvy body. Then suddenly she was body builder looking! However, Madonna has been known to work out for 2 hours a day.
    Getting me back to my original point that Zuzka most likely works out more than her 10-20 minutes a day.
    She passed the 100 snatch test for RKC, and that takes time and preparation.
    I wonder if there are any true tell signs if she is taking steroids.

    1. Like you said, most of the workouts with warm up and cool down (or bonuses, if any) take around 25 minutes.

      My thought is that to get people interested in or at least to view a new approach of working out, the 12-minute aspect is highlighted like crazy. It was because of this that I incorporated HIIT into my workouts. In teaching people about the benefits of interval training you have to start from somewhere. Zuzana doesn't seem to be bulking up or slimming down; maybe she's using more weight and working at a higher intensity. Lisa has stated specifically when she is using heavier weight.

      It makes more sense that these workouts are going to be about 30 minutes on average. But the "meat" of the workout is 12-15 minutes, unless it's a time challenge. Again, for people who are starting out, 12 minutes alone is fine. Adding all else, or a little more cardio and then the 12 minutes, is up to the individual to decide. And diet is key, genetics are also a factor (I think in both Z's and Lisa's cases). I understand your point but I don't think they're making false statements in saying as much.

    2. In terms of getting lean, one thing is I think is she seems to have an active lifestyle, which can also explain things. I am sitting at a desk 40 hours a week, but her daily life seems different. It seems like she takes her dogs for walks, goes on hikes etc more than many of us can (due to being confined to an office for our jobs). That is 'active rest' but it makes a difference if a person does it several times a week.

  5. Yah, it's hard to say and I don't mean that a woman HAS to use steroids to look like that...but it is possible that she may use a small amount. Don't get me wrong-- even if she does, she clearly works out hard. It's not like a woman pops some roids and suddenly she looks like that. It still takes a great deal of effort.
    I am just surprised that not many people have even questioned it. I saw it once on her FB page and people got right out pissed though lol.