Thursday, August 22, 2013

More new stuff from both sites has had Melissa and Rita with new workouts. Lisa too for that matter! All with much less equipment than normal. I think this has  to be in response to the FB requests for more bodyweight workouts.
I know that makes a lot of money off of their affiliates, and I'm sure this is why they make a lot of videos with it all. 

It seems like most of the workouts since Zuzana left have been mostly equipment based. I bet it is because Zuzana is still 49% owner, so Freddy has to make up the sales some how. I wonder if Zuzana will ever sell her share. I mean she is selling everything else these days! 

Zuzana has had a couple of mini free workouts up on her FB page and I think it is smart. She should keep doing that to keep many of her followers happy - the ones who have decided not to buy her ZGym or cannot buy her DVD's (outside of the US).

Curious as to what DVD's she will sell next. She has a ZCut Power Cardio, a Power Yoga, a ZCut Power Strength, and ZCut Six Pack Power Abs. What next?! 

And I am curious as to where is going with these 2 new hosts.

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