Monday, August 19, 2013

Lululemon and ZShred #11, and ZWow #81

I thought that was boycotting Lululemon? Melissa was decked out in all brand new Lululemon wear. So I guess not?
The dragons and rockets workout she performed though looks AWESOME. Her last 2 workouts have been the best that has had in a long time in my opinion.

Zuzana has ZShred #11 out - which looks super tough of course, and ZWow #81. The picture clip for ZWow #81 looks so fake and airbrushed. It looks like she is airbrushed or has a spray tan, and it also looks like they put make up all over her stomach to make it look more defined. Come on! That's cheating and false advertising if you ask me!

This is the first time in a while has sparked my interest. Zuzana always does - which I suppose is why she has the one of the most You Tube views in the world. She is really good at what she does.

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