Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rita is back on with a new workout and ZShred #12 and ZWow #82

Bodyrock.tv has Rita on again with a new workout - and no Lululemon!  Melissa was on again yesterday - wearing Lululemon. Have you noticed there is no timer on their workouts? How many are we supposed to be doing? For how long? They just say do 2-4 rounds. Weird if you ask me.

Where is Lisa? And Freddy has not done a workout in a long time. Where is the weekly provocative yoga with Teshia? The inconsistency that bodyrock.tv has - and even had with Zuzana makes me a bit crazy. She even started that way with her ZWow's but since she introduced ZGym, she has been much more consistent. I like that. It is professional.

ZShred #12 and ZWow #82 are both out. How is ZShred #12 different from her ZRopes? And does anyone think that her ZWows that you pay for are that much different from her older ones?

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