Friday, August 16, 2013's Melissa and ZCut Six Pack Power Abs has a new host, Melissa. She seems quite likeable! She looks like a fitness model - muscular, not too skinny, great abs, and she clearly already has implants. Think Freddy will make her get bigger ones? (Kidding - kind of). I liked the workout too. Right up my alley - not too much stuff.
Lisa-Marie did a post on Facebook asking what people would like to see, and a large majority of people responded - more bodyweight workouts please! Not surprised. They always use too much equipment.
But I will tell you that Melissa did not get her body by doing 12 min workouts. She has lifted some heavy weights in the past for sure. It doesn't mean that she hasn't used their workouts to help her get her body, I'm just saying I bet she does more than that.
Anyways, I like her.

Zuzka has a new DVD out - ZCut Six Pack Power Abs. From the teaser it looks quite good, and seems to involve more than just abs. She is selling more and more and more these days. I wonder how many DVD's she plans on doing. Also, I'm not sure I like the idea of what she is saying behind this DVD. You cannot get six packs abs from her DVD. You need good genetics and a damn good diet. As the saying goes - Six packs are made in the kitchen. But looks like a good workout nonetheless.

Getting a good workout in is a great idea. However, in order to see changes in your body, you do need to progress - faster, more reps, heavier weights, etc. So it is a good idea that and Zuzka have you write down your scores so you know  where to go next. I think it is a good idea to look at your scores for each exercise, not necessarily each workout so you better know how to improve each one.

Both and Zuzka are lacking in more yoga! That was another request on Facebook - more Teshia with harder yoga workouts. Yes please! And Zuzka - please add it to ZGym.

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  1. That's funny...My all time fav quote is "Abs are made in the kitchen"! Haha.
    You can work out your abs all you want, but you won't see them if you have fat overtop.