Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More of the He Said She Said

Yikes! Freddy did another long post poking more accusations at Zuzana. I hope she doesn't respond. Neither one of them needed to say anything - ever.
But I have to say after reading Freddy's post I am siding with him a bit. More on that in a minute.
I do however like Zuzana's workouts and web-site better than bodyrock. I just do. I do think it is a shame that she charges for them now. It is not a lot of money and completely affordable, but it's just not what made her famous in the first place.
Also, perception is reality in people's minds, so 2 people can see the same situation very differently.

Freddy mentioned that they met with a production company and decided to pass on it. I did read somewhere way before their divorce was announced that Z was potentially gonna leave to go with a production company. Lo and behold, she did. He also mentioned he was on set with her of the footage of her workouts for Zwow's when they first started. I bet he was, because if you remember this footage, she had her black hair.

Zuzana should sell her 49% of her bodyrock to Freddy and move on. She is appearing money hungry when you read Freddy's post. I do not know how much of it is true, I'm sure some of it is exaggerated, and I'm sure Freddy deserved some of it too. I do recall Zuzana in an interview mentioning her prior porn life and how she got into it and wanted to get out. She said - you do not make as money as one would think. Makes me think she got into the business for the bucks? And then it didn't turn out that way.She goes on to say now she didn't appreciate the way Freddy took pics of her. Hmmmmm........ Also , I do find it odd he wanted to portray his WIFE like that! Creepy.

Freddy also made the comment that he supported Zuzana's leaving the pron industry. Really? Isn't what he does on bodyrock soft porn? Wasn't he in the business himself as a videographer? This is why I think he is exaggerating, but also, some of his points I remember reading about from outside sources prior to hearing it now. Makes me wonder. I'm sure Zuzana is not as innocent as she makes herself out to be, nor is she is a bad as Freddy makes her out to be. It takes 2 to tango, and 2 to argue. Lets hope we get more workouts and less drama.


  1. I have seen people comment online about a post Freddy did about Lisa's family. Something about calling them out as being abusive to her when they questioned all her plastic surgery. I cannot see this on any blog post or his FB. Does anyone know where it is?

    1. Sorry Lexxie! I can't seem to find it either....