Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teshia is back, Lululemon, ZWOW #77 and ZShred #7

Soooooo..... Teshia is back! I freaking love her. Her body is to die for. The best one out of them all!
But that hair. Yuk. I liked it better for she made herself a blonde. It washes her out. Why does bodyrock.tv try and change all of their women? I don't see Freddy or Sean with any drastic changes. If Teshia gets boobs, I'll be so disappointed.
I am wondering if now that bodyrock.tv has written off Lululemon, if Zuzana will wear more of it now. It looks that way. Probably a smart move on her part. I always wondered if they would make her an ambassador, but because of her past I assume they haven't and won't.
Zuzana's latest ZWOW and ZShred look tough. I am curious though - Zuzana looks a bit like a female body builder, but body builders would never follow her routines. Hence, she DOES look largely the way she does because of her genetics. Her body responds to diet and exercise in such a positive and great way.
Her mesomorph body is naturally muscular. She works hard, don't get me wrong. BUT I think most people who seek her out are looking for weight loss. Anyone looking to tone like her most likely has a similar body type. Or do you think I am wrong? Has anyone out there with a DIFFERENT body type built muscle from her programs?
Anyways, would love to see more a Teshia and have her do a yoga workout. A hard core, sweaty, challenging workout. She does not look that way from just stretching. Bring it on bodyrock!


  1. I agree, I've been doing power and vinyasa yoga lately and can say that a body like Teshia's doesn't come merely from breathing correctly and stretching. She obv does more than that and I' think she's been around long enough to do a real class instead of basics.

    I highly recommend DuncanYoga, MotleyFitness (Sean Vigue), Sadie Nardini -- heck, I even did Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown 1 and 2 when I first started and broke a sweat every time. such a good challenge. I hope the team at thedailyhiit taps into Teshia's abilities instead of purely aesthetics. at this point i'm not even following her work on the site.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the recommendations. I will check it out.