Saturday, July 13, 2013

Freddy vs. Zuzana

Have you guys seen their latest blog posts? Definitely a he said/ she said scenario.

Freddy says that Zuzana was abusive, and she says he is lying. Hmmmm.... there is probably some truth and fiction to both of their stories.
What I find odd is that Freddy has repeatedly posted about his failed relationship with Zuzana. Why? Isn't he in a new relationship? Shouldn't he have moved on by now? Or is it her popularity that has him so worked up he is determined to give her a bad name? I suppose that if what he says about her is true I would also be hell-bent on getting revenge. But then again, if I was in love with someone else, I'd let it go. He can't seem to let go.
Zuzana has not said a word really about her divorce until now. I wish she kept it that way. Or if she felt the need to stand up for herself, just say, I know Freddy is writing false accusations about me, and remember, there are 2 sides to every story. I wish him the best, and I wish that he would leave me out of his blog posts. Or something to that affect. Short and sweet without too much info. Much classier that way.
Freddy seems like a control freak me to - even now like I said he cannot let go. I am sure that deeply affected Zuzana and she probably acted irrationally. I am sure there is truth to both sides.
Right now it seems the hold up is Zuzana not signing over her 49% of He won't sign the divorce papers unless she does? How does that make Lisa feel? (by the way her latest coffee talk video she looks WAY better without her oversized fake boobs)!
Maybe he can buy Zuzana's half and we can ALL move on?


  1. LOVE your site!! I always know to come here to get the latest info on zuzka/bodyrock.

    Totally agree with you about BR videos, yawn.
    Love zuzka's but just certain things I don't like about her videos so having them free works because I can pick and choose things I like/don't like, but I don't think I'll pay for zgym.

  2. In my opinion, Bodyrock/dailyhiit is much like a tabloid news paper, it gets more coverage with sensationalist stories and controversial content. And sadly, nothing that I see posted about that site has elevated my opinion of Freddy and co.

  3. I do not understnd why is Zuzana still introducing herself as Zuzana Light? Why Zuzka Light? It puzzles me, tooooo much!