Friday, June 14, 2013

ZWOW #71

Has anyone tried it? Lexxie - have you?

This workout confused me a bit about Zuzka herself. She claims to never workout more than the 10-20 minutes a day, but this workout included variations of a Turkish Get Up and double dumbbell snatches. These are not easy exercises and something you need to try and try again to get the hang of.
I was surprised by this on 2 counts.
1. Zuzka had to practice these exercises on a regular basis in order to get good enough at them to put them together in this video. She has never used these exercises before, so she is practicing them elsewhere. This means she IS working out more than she claims.
2. Since these exercises are harder to master I am surprised she included them.

I am not sure I understand the difference between her ZWOW workouts and the ZShred either.
It is good to see that she has a beginner program. Her workouts are tough and probably a turn off for a portion of the population who would otherwise like her and her workouts.


  1. I had a surgery so I am unable to do any intense workouts right now, so I am just watching them :(
    So far, I don't think there is a major difference from Zwows and Zshreds. Yes-- the Zshreds are intense, but the Zwows she puts out this past bit are getting harder as well. I don't think there is a difference between the two; however, having additional workouts is a great thing.
    All three Zshreds she put out thus far use a jump rope. I am soooo bad at jump rope as I always get tripped up so much. Maybe the rope is part of all Zshreds?
    The beginners workout she did looks good for newbies or those who have injuries etc. I would say this does differ from her usual workout.

  2. I dunno, when there's a move that I'm not good at, I try to take time to learn it in isolation, not during a workout. This is so that I know what to expect when I have to do the exercise itself. I wouldn't say that she does the move during a separate workout, but she definitely/more than like did have to practice to get it right. Isn't that what exercise is - practice?

    But she probably does cross training but doesn't consider that to be her main workout -- I mainly run, but I do yoga and HIIT. I dunno, maybe she shouldn't say she just does her workouts or others like them for 10-12 minutes... but for her, her body is so spot on that she doesn't have to workout more like some or most of us. Yes, she lost some weight in the beginning, but a lot of that is diet (which I am soooo learning). The less crap you put in your body the better. And it's more about "good" food vs "bad" food, or calories/fat/carbs or whatever. it's about balance, which I know you know. Z's diet is probably so on 90 percent or more of the time that results on a plan like that are inevitable.

  3. Yes, diet really is the key. And different diets work for different people. I noticed she doesn't pay much attention to macros, but is more into portion control/calorie control. Her protein is generally much lower than many women who have a body like her's; however, it clearly works for her. It's an experiment, I have found over the years, trying different diets to see what works best for me.