Thursday, June 13, 2013


OK, there were a lot of complaints on facebook about bodyrock saying - where are the new workouts? When can we see Lisa's hair? Their response was Monday. Well, it's Thursday and still old workouts and nothing of Lisa's new hair.
I think their site has become more about Lisa's boobs, lips, nails, hair and what equipment they can sell us than the actual workouts themselves.
The site has too much going on, there are silly pics of Lisa in a leather jacket, undies and glasses. And of her smearing lipstick on her face. Huh?
Clearly Zuzana was the mastermind behind bodyrock. It has gone downhill ever since she left. However, Freddy is an unbelieveable photographer and videographer. He is much better at it than Zuzana's crew.
I know that much of Zuzka's site is about her body - it would not be famous without that, but there is much more focus on the workouts. I am annoyed with the charging of workouts where they used to be free.
I already pay for a gym membership and an online workout program, so I am not buying another one. I'll stick to her free workouts for now, and I love her yoga DVD.
I am curious, can her online workouts be used on your iPhone?

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  1. I don't follow BR closely, but check in here and there. Even I noticed they were not posting much these days. I had a feeling something was up with LM. She use to post lost of vids of her talking, but there are none of those anymore.

    A few days ago, she did a post about being depressed. This confirmed my intuition was right....It was sad as it is clear she is in a bad spot with her sister dying. Very sad.

    She did post pics from being in LA, but nothing really interesting. I don't care about her fingernails or shoes.

    I agree. I think Freddy is a better photographer than who does Z's stuff now. Funny though as she is now with the pros, yet Freddy does better.

    I have a feeling that BR is falling apart. Perhaps Freddy getting LM to become the lead host so soon after his break up with Z was not business smart. I felt he did this too premature/early into their relationship and always wondered what would happen if they broke up (and lets face it, most new relationships don't last forever....). It seems LM may have been a rebound due to the timing. I don't mean that as disrespectful to her, like she isn't good enough to date or anything like that. Just that most people have done this sometime in our lives. We are heartbroken and start dating too soon.

    I am okay with paying Z. It really doesn't bother me. I think she could have led up to the change better though. She didn't really transition it well.
    And yes- you can view the work outs on iPhone. I have been doing this.

    I hope you decide to subscribe so I can continue to review your blog :)