Friday, June 28, 2013

How is their form?

I am a stickler for form, and a lot that I see on or (as I should really start calling it now) drives me CRAZY. Even Lisa herself has pretty bad form a lot of the time. Especially when doing burpees or jumping. She is often rounded in her spine, and she doesn't lower her butt enough when jumping forward on a burpee. Watch how Zuzka lands and watch how Lisa lands forward. You need to have your hips down when you land in the forward jump to work the legs and not stress out the lower back. If you are someone who has back pain from doing burpees, I bet this is the case for you as well.
Watch the roundness in Lisa's back during this workout:
on the box/mat leaps, starts at minute 3:05. I can't believe this was posted. It looks awful!

Now watch Zuzka's jump forward on a burpee - hips down and spine long. This is from ZWOW 70.
At minute 7:14.

I am not trying to pick on Lisa, but they should know better. I've noticed on many of the female hosts on dailyhiit have poor form - mostly on push ups and squats.

On a happier note, I really like Lisa's haircut. :)

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