Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Shred #11 From Zuzka! It's A Good One!

Finally! A Hard Core Workout From Zuzka! And here is what she has to say about it:

You guys have been patiently waiting for the new Summer Shred workouts and finally here it is again – workouts that will make your body strong, and sexy for the hot summer months! 
I try to make these accessible for everyone – nothing too crazy, but still intense enough to give you the ultimate results. I am using my pull up bar in this workout, so if you’re not advanced yet, make sure to check out the Warrior Wednesday where I give tips for Pull Ups and show the support pull up bands. If don’t have a pull up bar, you can either be creative and try doing pull ups using whatever you have at home or you can do plank rows.
Also remember if you don’t have a jump rope, you can always do other cardio exercises such as jump squats, jump tucks, or high knees.
I like how she offer alternatives here for those who do NOT want the high intensity. 
I also REALLY like the combo of cardio and strength here as well as the full body workout. It has push/pull/legs and abs. 
It looks like between #2 and #3 circuits of her exercise program here she takes a break. There is a pause in the filming. Did you guys notice that? 

Here is the workout:
Buy in: Handstand Push Up x 5 (or you can do regular push ups or push ups with your feet up on a chair)
+ 20x Double Unders (or you can do 20 jump squats)
Workout Breakdown
1. Ladder Time Challenge: Hanging Leg raises x 5 / jump lunge
10 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10
2. Hiit 30/10 x 6
Jump rope / Mountain climbers
3. Time Challenge Circuit x 3
Pull ups x 5
Kettlebell swing x 20
Weighted Sumo Squat heel lift x 20  (I think they are 12lb'ers?)
She always matches her sneakers to her outfits. :) 
I think my GRIP would be killing me after this workout - from the jump rope, hanging leg raises, pull-ups and swings. UGH. But I think I'll save this one for Saturday when I need to get up early and workout from home before my daughter's recital. 
I am looking forward to her Stretch and Tone Workout tomorrow! 

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  1. This one really looks good! Those 12 minute Body routines etc bore me so much (though I´m not a Z-gym member - I NEED TO plan my own work out schedule; what works for Z does not always work for me), but this w/o looks like something I would like to do. Thank you for sharing! =D