Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 1 of Season 3, Day 5 with Jacqui and The Latest 5 Minute Workout with Zuzka, And Calling BS on Girly Fitness And Even Zuzka?

Day 5 is on with Jacqui:

I was not a huge fan of this workout (read on for why), but I did think her variation of tricep dips was a fun one as she incorporated a knee in with it:

I'm just not a fan of tricep dip exercise from this angle as I personally think it puts undue stress on the shoulder and elbow joint, but that's me (from the Equalizer it is a much more effective exercise - IMO). But again Jacqui's variation does put a fun spin on it.

A single arm clean and press is a great exercise (with heavier weight, you can tell this weight is too easy for Jacqui), but I don't like it mixed on with a surfer jump.
The squats with heels elevated is fine, BUT, I felt like this is just a ploy to sell those colored weights.
AND not to mention the filming of this exercise says DEADLIFT, not squats:

Lastly, the list of exercises says Kettlebell swing and travelling push-up? Huh? Where are the KB's? 
Regardless of all that, I frigging love Jacqui's personality. I just do. Just some editing work needed to be done here. 

I was watching Lisa's live Q&A session last night - or whatever it was. Did anyone else catch it? There is something about Lisa that I find very endearing. I also feel sorry for her that she feels  the need to manipulate her body and face so much, but she comes across as having a heart of gold.
  I cannot find the link now. The session was a bit awkward, only because you cannot see what Lisa is reading  - the timing was off for us on the other side, but Lisa's sweetness definitely came through. 
Someone asked her when she and  Freddy were going to get married - she got a little red in the face, and a bit flustered and then said - he has to ask me first. I had to laugh. What a great response to such a nosy question. 
My husband saw me watching it and was like - why is her face like that? OK, you mean why is the only part of her face moving her mouth and when she blinks?! WAY too much botox. And this is coming from a man who would not notice if I came home from the hairdresser with blue hair. So that's saying something. Lisa, please, you are more beautiful naturally - inside and out! You inspire us all the way you are. :) 

OK, onto Zuzka's 5 minute workout. I liked this one! 

Workout Breakdown
5 Minute AMRAP
1. Jump Lunge – 20 reps
2. Everest Climber (x5) to one leg Push Up (x2) x 4
3. Split jumps x 10
4. Wheel Push Ups x 5
5. Pistol Squats – alternating x 6
I did 2 rounds.
Granted Z overdoes those damn jumping lunges, but I love Wheel push-ups!

The split jumps are a bit on the taxing side for the joints IMO, but once in a while are OK, especially for just a 5 minute routine. 

Tomorrow we get a new BodyCrush with Z. I have been liking her Cardio Shred's better lately as they seem to have more of a strength component to them despite their name, whereas BodyCrush seems to be more of a bodyweight routine with lots of random jumping around. I don't like the randomness nearly as much. I am pretty sure I am joining Bret's Strong Program today. It is 3x a week of strength training, and then 3 days a week I plan on getting more into my yoga like I used to.
I am still SUPER interested in the Bodyweight Athlete Program, but I will be away for 4 weeks over the summer, so I think it will better suit me then when I won't have access to equipment. And it is the perfect time to do training outside. 

For those of you interested in taking your training to the next level, I recommend checking out Bret Contreras, Chad Waterbury, Ben Bruno, and Dani Shugart. Some pretty eye opening stuff.

OK, I may have posted this article last year, but it is a fantastic read. I had asked the author her thoughts on BR and Zuzka and you can see a brief discussion on it in the comments. But regardless, the article is a worthwhile read. Check it out! I love to hear your thoughts and comments. 


  1. why you dont like jump lunges? zuzka always put either jump lunges or pistol squats into her workouts cause they are the best lower body exercises that goes well with her challenging upper body moves. anyway, maybe you can try doing them weighted!actually adding weight make them easier but more effective too! and also please write her bodycrush workout breakdown+your opinions on the blog post on saturday. thanks

    1. It's not that I do not like jumping lunges, it's that I think Z overdoes them. I do not always have time to post all of her workouts as I have 2 kids and both of them are sick right now!