Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rest Days Over The Weekend With The Daily HIIT Show And BodyCrush #32 With Zuzka

So we will have to wait til Monday for new workouts with Lisa and Jacqui.

We did get BodyCrush #32 With Zuzka this morning and it was OK I guess:

Workout Breakdown
15 Minute AMRAP
1. Side lunge jump up x 10/10
2. Sumo squat jump heel touch x 20 alt
3. Plank heel touch jump up x 20 alt
4. Donkey kick Shoulder Press x 10
I did 2 full rounds and the first 12 reps in exercise #3

Zuzka looked tired to me in this workout.
 Her donkey kick shoulder press exercise looked more like a chest press than a shoulder press. 

Again the random jumping around kind of workout. Not one of my favorites. 
These workouts also have a tendency to be all push and no pull exercises. It is hard to do pulling exercises without any equipment at all, but there is this one guy from AthleanX who does 'bodybuilding' exercises with NO equipment at all for the WHOLE body. It is pretty cool actually. Check out his back work here:
Do you guys follow her on FB at all? Did you see her jump to her roof and do a pull-up? OK, that just looked dangerous! LOL. She's not a teenager!
I'm all for spicing it up, but not for breaking my neck. But I'll admit, it was funny to see this side of her. I often find that daring people make huge strides in their athletic ability faster than most. 
Tomorrow is yoga with Zuzka and I often do not blog on those - mostly because I am into my own yoga thing, and don't follow her on those workouts. Her yoga workout DVD's she released a while back I still do once in a while and they are hard as hell! 
Is it me, or is Zuzka looking more muscular than ever these days? I think it is starting to look a bit too much. I freaking love muscles too. I'm always trying to put on muscle - always! The grass is always greener. I would love Zuzka's shoulders and Edith's abs. I'll keep my legs. :) 

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  1. I did Bodycrush 32 today and I love it! Yes, she look tired in this one. She seems to work a lot (not only Workout). I love her crazy videos I found them motivating