Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Warrior Wednesday - One Arm Push-ups With Zuzka, And Day 3 with Lisa

What did you all think of Warrior Wed One Arm Push-up Tutorial with Zuzka?

I thought she did a fantastic job with the tutorial on progressing from knees down push-ups to plank push-ups, but not so much from one arm knees down to one arm plank push-ups. I wanted to see more progression steps there - or half reps with her knees up doing the one arms, but no such luck.
For what ever reason I can sometimes do one arm push-ups on one side only and other days not at all.

I also found it kind of funny that Zuzka said this in her post today:

 I don’t know why, but whenever I post a video of me doing these difficult exercises, people somehow think I just gave it a try and was able to do it right away as if I was some kind of freak of nature. Please don’t believe for a second that I don’t struggle with challenging exercises and workouts, or that everything comes really easy to me. Every hard exercise I ever mastered including regular push up and one arm push up took time and significant effort.

I do not doubt for one second that Z put in a lot of time and effort into many of her exercises and that she was consistent. HOWEVER, exercise does in fact come easier to her than a lot of people - period! She should admit it! She even told me in a response to one of my questions about pistols that it took her 2 days to learn one. And she's not a freak of nature?
Ummm, that's why certain people are athletes, professional ball players, Olympians, competitors, etc, etc. Not that these people didn't work their a*ses off, but clearly certain styles of exercise come easier to these people are they would not be doing what they are doing.
I'll tell you - being thin is EASY for me. It what my body does. Consider what I eat and how thin I can be - I am a freak of nature. BUT - Being cellulite free (still a work in progress) and being in shape is NOT easy. I work hard at that part. Geez. I think Zuzka is such an inspiration, but I do find her disingenuous at times.
If you watch her videos on her FB page you see all the other exercise she does outside of her ZGym workouts as well. I actually love these videos and wish she would do these instead as part of many of her workouts.

The one arm push-up workout routine today is a pretty good one. I would definitely need to put my knees down to get through all the one arm push-ups.

Workout Breakdown
1. One arm push ups x 4 alt.
2. Jump Squats x 10
3. One Arm Push Up Burpees x 4 alt.
4. Jump Lunges x 10
5. One arm push up kick through x 4 alt.
6. Side jump lunge x 10
2 rounds – this is not a time challenge, so you don’t have to push yourself hard, just focus on your form.

And now with Day 3 with Lisa. Again - where did she get her pants?! Ha!

Also makes me laugh that all the photos and routines have the My Protein packages displayed in the background,

The routine wasn't half bad, pretty typical. I thought that Jacqui and Lisa would alternate days, but we have had Lisa 2 days in a row.

They have done swings a lot with weights lately and with the sandbag in the past. I wonder if BR.TV will ever jump on the Kettlebell bandwagon?! Is it because Zuzka uses KB's that they do not want to? You can swing more weight and get a hell of a lot more out of the exercise with the bells  - IMO.

I would like it if BR.TV would do some equipment free workouts as well. NOTHING. No damn vest, no colored weights, no step, no dip station or equalizer, or bouncy balls, or trapezes or whatever. Please.

I know Lisa is a cardio queen (ugh), but doesn't she look like she has more muscle on her than before? I think her body looks a lot better. I mean her body always looks good, but I like this look better on her. I also find it odd that she wears so little make-up, but has a lot of cosmetic work done. But maybe that is the point.

Still want to know where she gets all her cool workout clothes.

Does anyone recognize the brand written on Lisa's pants below?


  1. there's NO Tutorial on youtube :/

    1. You can find it here or watch it on Zuzka´s website (the tutorial is free to watch for everyone)

  2. zuzka says she only does what is on video....yet now says she has to practice lots. I would only have assumed she would practice lots but her statement made it clear that she ONLY does what we see on video. This was a recent statement....I will try to find it later. Clearly anyone needs more time than just what we see on her videos. Especially when she does them well on the video...

  3. Hi Gina - If you check Lisa's instagram, she has a picture of herself wearing those leggings. She directs you to a link on instagram...myproteinuk I guess they sell protein powder and leggings...who'd had thought!!

  4. Hi Gina, lisa has been doing weight training for almost a year now. She totally gave up cardio for three whole months to put on muscle. Her sister is a trainer and she works out with her and brother in law. Her body looks great.