Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I'm Not Sure I Understand What BR.TV Is Doing With Their Workouts? And The DailyHIIT Season 3, Day 2

I got TWO emails from BR.TV today.  The first one I got was this:

Hi Gina,

Welcome to your BodyRock Daily Workout Email. Here is today's workout:

BodyRock X – HIITMax – Day 34 – Total Body #1

with this pic of Lisa - which is one of my least favorite pics of her. She looks like a mannequin. I used to love her cute little face. 

I'm not sure why I got this email? I was expecting Day 2 from Season 3, which I did get too, but I don't understand this email?

This was also in a note from Lisa as part of this workout:

Hi BodyRockers,

I just want to take a minute before today’s workout to reinforce an important point. I work hard on myself but I’ve got just as many flaws and defects and things I wish I could change about myself as anyone. No amount of ‘lean’ will make you happy in your heart, and your abs (as lovely as they may look) will never be able to bring peace to your heart.
The aesthetic and surface level changes are celebrated so viably in our culture – my Instagram feed is literally full of happy / smiley, shredded people looking like their lives are perfect. They are not. No one is perfectly happy all the time – no matter what your body fat percentage may or may not be. The problem with following and subscribing to all of this ‘motivation’ and ‘inspiration’ is that it’s not the surface level changes that make us feel better inside about life. What makes us stronger in the end is not a thigh gap or bottom row of abs – it’s the strength and determination and drive that begins to build in our hearts.

Does anyone else besides me see the irony in this note ?! 

Anyways, onto Day 2. 

I got my email for Day 2, which actually said Day 1 on it, but so be it. 

Here are the exercises: 

You know what I wish they would list here too?  What brand of workout clothes they are wearing! 
They list their equipment and food, why not their clothes? Loving Lisa's pants. She has great taste in workout clothing IMO. 

As far as the workout goes - a pretty typical one for BR.TV and for Lisa. Though, the list above did not seem to correlate to the exercises she did. There was no swing and twist? I bet that must be part of the burn out.... 
Anyone else never notice Lisa's appendix scar? (I think that's what it is). This is the second time I have noticed it, but I don't remember her ever mentioning it. No biggie, I just happen to notice it only because my husband has the same one. 
The above it a great pic of Lisa. She looks more muscular in it - more fit. I like that kind of look. 

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  1. I also get those other e-mails with hiit max and I hate it, I never subscribe to that. Lisa´s workout was ok, surprisingly no burpees, but I also noticed that she did something else than what the breakdown said.