Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Latest High Intensity Workouts From 3 High Intensity Women: Zuzka, Jaqui and Melissa

Zuzka posted her latest 2 new workouts - her 5 Minute weekly Friday routine and a new BodyCrush routine.

I loved her 5 minute little workout which was an ab routine :

Workout Breakdown
5 min AMRAP
1. Exercise ball – Extreme mountain climber (x3) to Shoulder Press x 2 sets
*an easier modification can be Mountain Climber x 15 reps (push yourself)
2. KB pass under jump lunge x 6
*an easier modification can be KB pass under to Jump Squat x 6reps
3. Hanging Leg Raises to the top x 6
*an easier modification can be Ab Splitters x 3 sets

Those damn exercise ball mountain climbers! LOL. I did them with sneakers on and though it was easier, I still sucked at them. Work in progress! I loved the Kettlebell pass jump lunge. She overdoes jump lunges IMO, and I liked these variation of them.

She then posted a BodyCrush workout instead of a Cardio Shred. I was a little disappointed, I'll admit because her Cardio Shred's are more strength based. This was yet another ab routine. UGH. It was a workout from her new book which she is trying to promote, so I get why she did it, but I missed her Cardio Shred this week.
BodyCrush #28:
Workout Breakdown
15 minute AMRAP
1. Plank Jack x 20
2. Flying Burpee x 10
3. Knee Hug x 20
4. Jump Tuck x 10
The Daily HIIT show with Jacqui is doing 're-runs,' but they are still offering daily workouts. I got this one yesterday:

It was a Tabata workout - 3 different ones with a shoulder burn out. The burn out looked like a good one for the shoulders!

I loved her plank punches move. I will do these in my core class next week. :)

I still don't get why these workouts are promoted more. Sean and Jacqui should do a bodyrock.2.TV LOL.

One of the exercises was a clean and press with the sandbag. Jacqui also wears the vest. I wonder if it makes more sense to put more weight in the sandbag or to also use the vest? I suppose since she is doing the rest of the workout with the vest, it makes sense for the workout.

There was something I noticed on Jacqui's push-ups - which is something Lisa does, I do, Zuzka does - all people seem to do it when they get tired. I am not picking on Jacqui here (I love her!) but it's just as example of something to watch out for during your own workouts. when I teach classes I see SO many people do this - even the men!

Make sure your neck stays in line with your spine, look slightly forward instead of tucking the chin or dipping the neck :

(image removed per Freddy)

One reason I didn't pay much attention to these workouts in the past was because of the ads:

(image removed per Freddy)

Look at all the adds, and the sharing media posted on this page. It doesn't go away when the workout starts either. You have to go through and close them all. I find this utterly annoying. I'd rather pay for the service with no ads than deal with this pop-up sh*t. I hate it. I had to close 4 windows to see just the workout.

Regardless, I look forward to more workouts with Jacqui. I asked her to do some strength work for us. I think she would be great at it.
For instance, maybe something like 6 rounds of weighted squats - going heavier each set to see how heavy you can go. There would have to be a one min rest during these rounds, so perhaps just filming the first and last round. We can pause the video in between and then continue with a live HIIT/burn-out workout. Genius - right? Haha. I would like it though.

Lastly, Melissa Ioja was doing a RTC back in September that I forgot about. OK using the RTC acronym seems a little awkward - to me, but whatever.
She is CRAZY with her workouts!!!! I know a lot of you like her. She is strong as an ox and her agility is fantastic.
Many of her workouts are a bit longer - 25-30 minutes and I like that.
Here is a sample:

But NOW she is doing another challenge called BossMode! A lot of these workouts are 30-45 minutes.
Here is another sample:

Well, there you have it. Lots of workouts to choose from this weekend! I'm off to do my own workout right now:

1A Rings pull-up with overhand grip for 6 reps or AMRAP

Rest 30 seconds

1B Kettlebell swing for 12 reps (heavy bell - 70 lbs)

Rest 30 seconds

1C Rings hanging leg raise for AMRAP

Rest 30 seconds

1D Goblet squat with narrow stance for 6 reps (50 - 60 lbs)

Rest 30 seconds

1E Push-up, narrow hands, with band for 6 reps

SIX ROUNDS!!!! Ending with a cash out of a Tabata handstands.

Tomorrow is a rest day. :)

What are you all doing for workouts today?


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