Friday, February 5, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate Program Week 3 Day 4, Zuzka Light's 5 Minute Hotel Workout

OK, here we go today with Edith! A great upper body workout of push-ups, single arm rows, single arm shoulder presses and pull-overs. No leg work today.
Edith is wearing the vest and drops to her knees for the push-ups, and I like to see that, because 45 seconds is a long time to do push-ups even without a vest. Notice how her arms are not flailing out to the sides.
I liked her little shorts outfit, and she sure does have a gorgeous body.

This is strength week so I like it that there is a lot less jumping around. The one problem I had with the workout today is that is you are going for strength you often need a bit more rest between exercises AND you do not use the same weight for different body parts. I can row a lot more weight than I can overhead press.
I'm sure that BR doesn't want to make it seem like they are using a ton of equipment yet again, so for simplicity sake, as well as timing, the same weight is used throughout. But then you need to adjust the weight to the lowest common denominator depending on which exercise you need the lightest weight for. In that case you are not really working strength ideally.
Regardless, it is a great upper body workout, and as I have said in the past, a lot of these workouts can be done as a cash out, or as an outline for the same workout with different weights, reps, and rest times, etc. I would use various Kettlebells for this workout, and probably no vest.

Zuzka posted her 5 minute hotel workout. A pretty typical workout for her again:

Workout Breakdown
5 Minute AMRAP
  1. Jump Lunge (x2) / Rockstar Jump Burpee x 5
  2. Criss Cross Toe Touch Knee Hug x 10
  3. Squat Twist Burpee x 5
  4. Leg Extension to High Plank Knee Tucks x 5/5

I sometimes have a hard time performing a few of the exercises as fast as Zuzka. Damn her limbs are short and allows her to maneuver faster because she is so much closer to the ground than I am LOL. Not to mention she is probably just faster anyways. But the 5 minute workouts I always enjoy because I like the no excuses mentality it delivers. 
She is in Boise Idaho doing this workout in her hotel room. She traveled for her photo shoot with

She also had on some pretty funny socks. Not sure that I would EVER wear them other than for pajamas, but they were cute. 


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