Saturday, February 6, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate BootCamp Week 3 Day 5, Zuzka's Latest Cardio Shred, and a KILLER Home Strength Workout

Day 5 with Lisa of Strength Week is here. A good routine again - more push-ups and more rows (both with the Equalizer), but, OK. And Lisa's form was dead on with the push-ups here..... She also did Bulgarian Split Squats (again with the Equalizer) - I love that leg exercise. These can make me sore as hell without any extra weights! And she also did an ab exercise on the Equalizer.

Do you guys have an Equalizer? I do as I got one from a friend for free, but I'm not a fan. I find it very wobbly and unstable, though I know a lot of folks seem to like it.
I would think the dip station would be more stable? It's also a bit cheaper.
On another note, I would like it if Lisa and Edith took us through one of their personal favorite strength routines - not just a 12 minute one. Anyone else?!

It is stated in the email today from BR that next week is HELL week. I think they should give it a positive name instead of a negative one. We shouldn't think of exercise as hell! :)

I am loving Zuzka's Cardio Shred workouts lately. They are a bit more strength based than those of the past.

Workout Breakdown
15 min AMRAP
Buy in: Handstand for 1 minute or plank
1. Double Unders (x5) or jump tucks (x5) to commando push ups (x4) x 4 sets
2. Hanging Leg Raises (to the top) x5
3. Plank Rows x 10
4. Jump tuck to Sumo squat x 10
5. Pull Up / Knee raise (x3) x 3 sets
The double unders into commando push-ups does not flow as well as the jump tucks - IMO, but to each their own. She was cruising through this workout too. I even love the buy in of a one minute handstand. Adding in a yoga routine to this and one of her 5 minute workouts would be a perfect routine for me. I would most likely make the squat work a weighted squat for more strength, but that's me. 
I found what Z had to say about this workout interesting:
This workout was super challenging but fun at the same time. This is the type of training I enjoy the most. It makes me feel like a super hero doing exercises that require so much strength. Trust me when I say that it doesn’t take long to master these exercises if you’re staying consistent. The hanging leg raises all the way to the top were impossible for me just 2 weeks ago. I did a few reps every single day always trying to reach as high as I could and one day my legs went flying all the way up. I was stunned how fast my core became stronger. The same with the one arm push ups. I learned those over the holidays. I have a list of all exercises I want to master so I started with the push ups. It took some time to progress from assisted one arm push but I made it. Double unders with the Jump rope, same thing. Needles to say that I have already an awesome foundation with the basic exercises, but you can get there just as fast as I did. Let the exercises be your goal that drives you and keeps you motivated because with your strength increasing you’ll be able to see very soon how much you can improve in a short period of time.
Couple of things - first off, most of us cannot learn as quickly as Zuzka, so I disagree that we can get there as fast as she can.
Secondly, I thought she doesn't work out more than she films? I know, I know, some of you will criticize me for saying that. But practicing push-ups, double unders, hanging leg raises - a few each day ADDS up to extra exercise. It burns fat and calories and builds strength - PERIOD.
I don't think she is necessarily being deceitful or devious, but her 15 minutes a day is not really what she is doing. She also practices yoga, arm balances and stretching.
Regardless, she is a HUGE inspiration and I will keep watching her. And these are just MY opinions, so no need to harp on me about this.

Well I have got a STRENGTH workout for you guys to try today! It will take you about 45 minutes.

Repeat SIX rounds of the following 5 exercises. Rest 30 seconds between exercises, 1 minute between rounds.

1. 8 pull-ups (assisted or unassisted) (back, and biceps) 
2. Hand to hand switch Swings, 20 reps, or 10 each hand (Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Sandbag - whatever you have available) (glutes, hamstrings)
3. 10 second L-Sit Hold (use your Equalizer, 2 yoga blocks, your counter, etc, I used the space between my washer and dryer) (abs, quads, triceps)
4. Goblet Squat, wide stance, 8 reps (use a challenging weight. If you do not have anything heavy enough, pause for 3 seconds at the bottom) (LEGS!)
5. Push-ups, 10 reps (pick ANY variation where 10 reps is difficult. I did 5 one arm push-ups on each side with my knees down). (chest, shoulder, triceps)

End with a cash out of high knees for 10 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of rest, 6 rounds.



  1. I don´t think that a few extra reps (now and then)to practice something is another workout. I practice outside of workouts sometimes, but do I count it as another workout or extra exercising? No. I don´t think she is doing all of those exercises all the time, I mean she is already very good with double unders for example. I don´t either take her statement exercising 15-20 minutes literally anyway. Workouts are workouts, it´s a different story. I just shoveled a lot of wet snow; do I count that as an workout? No. =D I have also learnt pistols and double unders very quickly, so I do believe that Zuzu can learn things very quickly as well.

    But peace, Gina, after all. =D

    1. Well if our opinions were all the same, what a boring world it would be! :)
      I appreciate your comments and point of view.
      I DO believe Zuzka can learn things quickly - but the most of us cannot nearly as quickly. I have been working on pistols for a year.
      But I can do 10-13 pull-ups and can deadlift 185 lbs.
      I think the extra little workouts count as far as the amount of calories, fat burned and strength gained.
      I might not count shoveling snow as a workout, but depending on how much I did, it might make me sore the next day and require me to eat more, or rest more. It all adds up in the end. :)

  2. I did the new Cardio Shred today as my first workout
    I LOVED it! That was an awesome (and really hard) workout
    Definately recommended :D