Monday, November 2, 2015

Sean Light got married! But where was Lisa? Are Freddy and Lisa Still Together?

Well congrats to Sean! You can check out his FB page to see pics of his wedding.
It has been brought to my attention by one of my readers (thank you Denise!) that Lisa was not at the wedding. I find this odd. Wouldn't she go as Freddy's date!?!?
I know this is none of our business and I've gotten some heat from bodyrock in the past for delving into personal issues, but the only reason I bring it up is because they have not been doing anything new lately. And nothing new with Lisa. I have often wondered if this has something to do with Freddy and Lisa's relationship......


  1. I noticed that too! And was wondering the same....
    I saw some pics of Freddy with his arm around another lady, which is probably totally innocent in nature. Just makes me wonder - where was/is Lisa?

  2. My guess is they're broken up, but stayed professional about it. I've been thinking this for a while...Lisa seems somewhat more balanced and less shrill (my opinion, obviously). I can imagine that their lack of new content has to do with that. My opinion of Freddy is so low that I'm actually surprised he didn't make a big deal out of it, or come onto Edith. Who knows what goes on with them...

    1. I dunno, Lisa and Edith seem pretty close, with them having traveled together or anything. I love a little soap opera lol but I'm sure if Freddy did come on to her, she would have tactfully shut it down :)

  3. Hmm. They used to post photos together.. they are defo broken up

  4. Hmm. They used to post photos together.. they are defo broken up