Sunday, November 22, 2015

New Stuff From Zuzka AND BR.TV - Finally! And WHY is Zuzka so muscular?

So did you see that BR Elevate is starting November 30th?

Looks like it is a series with Lisa and Edith. Though I don't think it is going to be real time? And is it going to be another series you have to sign up for and only see the workouts if you do? I am not sure why they have been going this route lately? I wonder if it is a push to go towards PAID membership only in the future? Anyone else have any guesses?
UPDATE: IT IS Real Time and Free, so no need to sign up. 

Lisa also posted this new pic of herself on her FB page. A little risque of course.

At least there is something new to look forward to coming from BR.TV. I am wondering if Freddy shot the series or if his employees did. He did post Lisa's bday on his FB page, but there has been some gossip that the 2 of them are no longer together. 

I also saw this posted from Lisa: 

Hi BodyRockers,
Someone wrote the other day that I was “ugly”. Our posts reach a lot of people - and over the years I’ve grown a pretty thick skin. I’ve probably been called “ugly” or “unattractive” more times than I can count. I’ve also received amazing love and kindness from millions of people since I started hosting here at BodyRock. I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t bother me to be labeled something so hurtful. The love far outweighs the hate and I’ve prided myself with the impact our workouts have had on people’s lives. It’s something that makes my heart burn all that much brighter and I try and share that right back at you guys.
Still, no girl wants to be called ugly. As I was considering all this from my own experience working out with so many of you guys (our videos have been watched just under a billion times to date), it occurred to me that there may be some of you out there that have been labeled ugly or [insert something particularly hurtful here] by someone cruel. And maybe it really hit you hard. And just maybe you’ve done your best to forget about it or burry it or ignore it - but the fact remains that just like me - it still hurts somewhere inside. I want to let you know, as someone that stands up in front of a ridiculous amount of people on a daily basis - it’s never easy to be labeled. You might be able to brush it aside and shake it off easier, but at the end of the day it still f*cking hurts. But here is the kicker and the thing that we can do together that will make us stronger. We can train through it. We can use our daily workouts and the time we spend together to filter it out.
Put that negativity into your reps, use it to push that much harder - and you will find that instead of closing down under the weight of outside negativity, your heart will actually open, and that inner light and passion that makes each of us so beautiful will shine out. You are beautiful - and don’t you let anyone ever tell you differently - and if they do - then be the change you want to see in the world. Transform that negativity through your training and leave it on the mat in a puddle of sweat. I love you guys - we’ve got this together - because in the end life is just too short not to feel awesome inside. Let’s be that light together. Smash your workout with me and I will see you Monday!!

Today we are doing HIITMax Upper Body. It's a rest day tomorrow, so try to keep the intensity high today & finish this week in BodyRock HIITMax style. You got this!!
Lisa xxx

Like Lisa or not, no one should be calling her ugly. That is just downright mean. Seriously? I get that she is a public figure and rude comments are to be expected, but some just cross the line. 

OK, Zuzka has some new stuff too. She had another Bunny Slope Workout this week for Raw Beginners, as well as 2 Black Diamond Workouts including mostly upper body work.  
She had her 5 minute 50 Burpee challenge workout too: 
Workout Breakdown
25/5 sec intervals
1. Rock star jump Burpees
2. Donkey Kick Burpees
3. Dynamic Push Up Burpees
4. Jump Tuck burpees
5. Dive Bomber burpees
6. Split jump Burpeees
7. Commando burpees
8. Jump Lunge burpees
9. Side Burpees
10. Competition Burpees
Did any of you try it? I've done 50 burpees in a row before - for all competition burpees. Took me under 4 minutes. I would be interested in trying this workout too.
Zuzka also has an interesting looking recipe on her site:
6 eggs
ground turkey meat (1.25 lbs)
1/4 to 1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese
1/4 to 1/2 cup almond flour (or coconut flour)
1 egg beaten in a bowl
Looks fattening as hell, but yummy! 
Lastly. Zuzka is posting her own Food Journal - of what she eats daily, starting next week - FOR ZGYM MEMBERS ONLY. 
Smart move. Annoying - but smart business move. 

We all know that Zuzka is genetically blessed and though her workouts and diet have a lot to do with what she looks like, I think her genetics play the biggest role. 

I've been watching these 2 women at my gym lately. They are gym RATS! Lol. They both run and run on that treadmill as well as use the stair stepper - often for over an hour at a time - on EACH machine. Then they will go to the weight room and do some upper body work. 

Now one of these women is super, super skinny with little muscle tone. 
The other women looks like she could be a body builder.
Sure their diets could be different. but I'm telling you their genetics have a far greater role in what they look like - IMO. Just food for thought! 


  1. 1. I agree that Zuzka's food journal is a smart move. I am starting to get annoyed with people asking "What do you eat????" pretty much every day. I mean, she has an entire section of her website dedicated to nutrition and her style of eating, I really don't get why people don't just check it out before asking the same question all the time. Also, Zuzka has caught so much flak in the past for publishing her food intake, with people saying she eats too little, etc. I like that she is still doing it now, despite the past criticism. But hey, even if it generates lots of criticism, it gets people talking, right? :-)

    2. That sexy photo of Lisa looks like she's sucking in her stomach for all it's worth. I find Edith so refreshing and inspirational, I like photos of her so much more. Then again, I do not visit the BR website because I just do not like these people.

    1. Well Zuzka has a full week off what she eats posted. I could eat her under the table any day of the week! LOL

  2. I am interested in trying the Elevate program, mainly because (in part) Lisa recently shared her ~trials when it has come to her surgeries and getting back in shape. I'm interested in trying the routine she highlighted in a recent coffee talk, found here.

    Thing is -- I don't think she is being at all disingenuous with her routine, her discovery, and so on. I'm glad that she's not all about the 12 minutes as a be all end all. It has taken work to get where she is, but the product being sold is not the work she's done. I'm glad that her latest surgery has gone well; I'm glad that she has found something that works for her fitness-wise (aka scaling back on cardio, something you've been talking about for a while!) -- and I'm glad she's eating more, because it seemed so obvious before that there were measures taken to keep her leaner. I've been there before and hated it. So, all that said, I'm really glad that she's sort of addressed it and is sharing her experience.

    However, part of me is trying to not be judgmental on account of her extensive surgery... recovery from any type of surgery is still recovery, and there can be complications from any type of procedure (realizing this because I'm going to be getting implants next year myself).... but I dunno. She is a motivational personality, and being under public scrutiny is no easy task. But I can't help but think "too little, too late" as a person who has followed Bodyrock since she was on the scene. I was there for it all, and the attitude of BR since then and beyond has been very full of themselves. But I do like Lisa in general so.... oi, trying to end rant seamlessly but I don't think I can, so I'm just going to end here, lol :)

    1. Hi Liz - yes extensive surgery is right. She had a lot of unfortunate complications with her breast surgeries. And she had a nose job. Not to mention the botox and lip injections! But I still think she is likable too. She is also under WAY too much scrutiny like you said. The problem I have always had is that she is supposed to be promoting a healthy life style, and I personally do not think plastic surgery screams healthy.

    2. I don't mind the plastic surgery so much, although the way she talks about recovering from injury makes it seem like she got hurt in an accident or something with more valor than ridiculous (for her body) breast implants. I'm sorry, but she's not a hero for that. And I do mind the attitude that came with it at the time, the "haters" this and "haters" that (from Freddy's end). All that sort of besides, there were also things mentioned in the coffee talk, such as "I decided to take the leap and I upped my cals so much I never wanted to see food again lol" which is indicative of what I always thought --- that she wasn't eating enough and doing a lot of cardio. I always thought that, and that isn't a bash at her so much as the program and lifestyle being promoted. I was wondering how she was able to get and maintain such a lean body when I mean... all the coffee she drinks, all and the running on top of the HIIT workouts, etc. It was obvious to me, and I'm glad she mentioned it, but it is also a bit discouraging. Also, she's said in a comment that her ultimate goal is "to get back to what I had when I first filmed with BR - thats my aim to get my body back to its very best"... when her body looks great now? And better, honestly, because of the muscle, and little body fat. I dunno, I still feel she is looking at herself through an odd lens, but it's her body and I hope she feels her best at some point. I want to try the routine she listed to see if it does anything (modifying as I need/want to) but it's very difficult to look at her like any sort of example when she'd been doing so much more (and not necessarily by healthy means) to get the body used to sell the Bodyrock product.

    3. Liz - I had a lot of the same thoughts about Lisa - she has to be careful about what she says about her body - because most of us out there will never look like her no matter what we do. So for her to say negative comments or give a negative impression about her nearly perfect body is not a good thing - IMO.